Bulgari’s Latest Creations Immerse in its Creative Heritage

New Watch! • 19 Sep 2023

Bulgari’s Latest Creations Immerse in its Creative Heritage

For Geneva Watch Days 2023, Bulgari explores the duality of nature in three acts. Materials, colours, and shapes, coupled with rare and age-old savoire-faire, express the Maison’s heritage in new expressions.

Act 1: Octo Finissimo Saga Continues in CarbonGold

Bulgari revisits two of its record-breaking watches, the Octo Finissimo Automatic and the Octo Finissimo Perpetual Calendar in CarbonGold. The ultra-thin watches, having broken records at the time of their launch in 2017 and 2021 respectively, now sport an even cooler look in black, high-tech anthracite carbon. The dial-side has touches of gold on the hands and indices, adorned with a solid rose-gold crown featuring a black ceramic insert. The display case back allows an undisturbed view of the Côte de Genève-decorated rose gold bridges and oscillating weight forged from rose gold-plated platinum of the movement within.

Act 2: Serpenti Misteriosi Makes You Look Twice

From the thinnest to the smallest, Bulgari presents two new Serpenti Misteriosi in white gold and rose gold, both housing the Piccolissimo BVL 100 round miniature mechanical movement, the smallest mechanical movement on the market.

The quintessence of Italian glamour and Bulgari’s mastery of jewelry and watchmaking, the Serpenti Misteriosi secret watches are inspired by the rich creative heritage of the “Roman Jeweller of Time”. A powerful talisman revered since Mesopotamian cultures, the snake – serpente in Italian – has inspired Bulgari since the 1940s.

This latest high-jewelry creation is a secret watch, with the watch hidden beneath the serpent’s head. It comes in two iterations – the first, in white gold paved with diamonds; and the second in rose gold, with scales of black lacquer and set with diamonds.

Act 3: Monete Catene Marries Old with New

For its third act, Bulgari has unearthed precious antique coins, curated them for their historical significance, and set them on the Monete Catene secret watches. The two coins in the Monete Catene Dual Time wristwatch evoke the reign of the legendary couple formed by the Emperor Septimus Severus and his empress Julia Domna, revered as a goddess. The Monete Catene watch features a single denarius, a silver coin with the effigy of formidable Emperor Caracalla.

These Monete Catene, made of gold and diamonds, are a demonstration of sophistication and aesthetic mastery, showcasing exceptional antique treasures of Ancient Rome and Greece, a quintessential element of the Bulgari style. The supple chain bracelets, reminiscent of 1940s curb chains known as gourmettes, are sprinkled with diamonds for added splendor. The Piccolissimo BVL 100 round movement powers the watch.

Discover Bulgari at The Hour Glass today.

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