Christian Marclay’s The Clock in Melbourne

News • 08 Feb 2019

Christian Marclay’s The Clock in Melbourne

Christian Marclay – “The Clock is very much about death in a way. It is a memento mori. The narrative gets interrupted constantly and you’re constantly reminded of what time it is. So you know exactly how much time you spent in front of The Clock”

The Guardian – “A work of art that touches the truth of being human”  

Zadie Smith – “Watching The Clock is a trance-like experience, almost hallucinogenic; you’re liable to see things that aren’t there”

The Clock is a 24-hour video installation created from thousands of clips of clocks, watches and other references to time from film and television. These are masterfully edited together and synced to the present moment in one mesmerising collage. The result is an epic journey through cinematic history as well as a functioning timepiece.

Since making its debut in 2010, The Clock has developed a cult following both in and out of art circles. Winning the Golden Lion at the 2011 Venice Biennale, and attracting critical acclaim and enthusiastic audiences at gallery showings across the world. Marclay’s masterpiece has become one of the most seen and celebrated artworks of our time.

  • Visitors can watch The Clock at ACMI daily, free from 10am-5pm, with 24-hour screenings every Thursday.
  • The 24-hour sessions start Thursday 10 am and run through the night, finishing up Friday 5 pm
  • Admission is free and on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Running until the 10th of March (2019)

Melbourne Cinémathèque’s Eloise Ross explores the cinematic influences in Christian Marclay’s The Clock and how it makes us consider time. Link here to the full article.

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