Rebels With A Cause: A Decade Into Championing The Independent Watchmaking Movement

Cultural Perspectives • 06 May 2015

Rebels With A Cause: A Decade Into Championing The Independent Watchmaking Movement

Maximilian Büsser (MB&F), Felix Baumgartner (URWERK), Alessandro Zanetta (De Bethune), Michael Tay (Co-Group Managing Director, The Hour Glass)
Maximilian Büsser (MB&F), Felix Baumgartner (URWERK), Alessandro Zanetta (De Bethune), Michael Tay (Co-Group Managing Director, The Hour Glass)

The Hour Glass proudly presented Rebels with a Cause: The Trilogy on 23rd April 2015, commemorating a decade of contemporary modernist watchmaking. For the very first time, three leading contemporary brands – De Bethune, MB&F and URWERK – converged at the Grand Salon ballroom of the esteemed Grand Hyatt Hotel in an engaging forum session with 200 VIP guests who share a passion and love for independent watchmaking. Considered superstars of the independent movement, these were the original pioneers and game-changers that broke all rules in the traditional watchmaking industry.

“The Hour Glass is privileged and honoured to have partnered with these revolutionary independent brands in South East Asia for the last ten years. They are truly indicative of our desire to celebrate the best in contemporary horology,” commented Mr Michael Tay, Co-Group Managing Director of The Hour Glass Limited.

He continues, “These clients, now dear friends of ours, were the early adopters of artisanal watchmaking craft and are pivotal in advocating a passion for contemporary watchmaking art in Singapore and around the region.” The 200 VIP guests present that evening are the bold and courageous assemblage who embraced the beliefs of these independent brands from their humble beginnings.

Congregating them together for an evening of discourse and debate on the discipline of contemporary horology is testament of the birth of an engaged community of passionate collectors of contemporary watchmaking in Singapore and the region through the last decade.

Heralding 10 years of independent watchmaking
The Hour Glass has established itself as the forerunner and long-time purveyor of true contemporary horology with the initiation of Tempus – The Great Watchscapade in 2004, Tempus – The Temple of Time in 2007 and now with the inclusion of Rebels with a Cause: The Trilogy under its belt, this rounds up a decade of the organisation’s mission to cultivate the love for mechanical timepieces, continuously elevating watch culture and appreciation of it to a whole new level.

Likewise, in the last ten years, De Bethune, MB&F and URWERK each have been responsible for creating a series of exceptional avant-garde horological machines. To create for the future, you need to know the past. These brands share in commonality a knowledge of watchmaking traditions but in their own distinct ways, expounds on their expertise to reinvent horological conventions.

More than a business but a way of life
Universally identified as ‘rebels’ to some in the watchmaking industry, these trailblazing brands and individuals have proven otherwise, withstanding the test of time, each coming into its own with a series of success and achievements.

These independent watch brands were amongst the earliest crop of young entrepreneurs and watchmakers who burst into the scene in the 90s and early 2000s. In the era where three-hand round watches were the norm, they broke all rules with their bold vision of creative horological concepts, and technical breakthroughs. They have dedicated their lives to shaping the watchmaking industry, leading a crusade as true renegades of the mainstream.

Exquisite timepieces premiered
The event was also a platform to showcase the brands’ novelties for the year, exhibiting once again the brands’ innovation and expertise in contemporary watchmaking. These 200 VIP guests were some of the privileged few in the world to witness a full spectrum of these horological marvels and breakthroughs, intensifying once again their love and appreciation of this unique craft.

The Hour Glass is proud to be the exclusive retailer of De Bethune, MB&F and URWERK in South East Asia.



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