Event Recap – Ulysse Nardin X Party in Singapore

News • 13 Jul 2019

Event Recap – Ulysse Nardin X Party in Singapore

Pictures are in (video here). Not too long ago Patrick Pruniaux (CEO of Ulysse Nardin) came down to Singapore for our Ulysse Nardin X Party.

Patrick Pruniaux, CEO of Ulysse Nardin. Click here for our interview with Patrick.

Held at Miaja Gallery –  a fitting choice considering the avant-garde artistry that goes into every Freak watch – we decked out the space in neons, with the mood set by DJ Misaki Hoshi.

Misaki Hoshi working from an X-shaped DJ cage

It’s been almost twenty years since Ulysse Nardin released their ground-breaking Freak. A seminal piece of high horology which has, in the interveening years, been expanded into a fully fledged collection. Including the Freak Out, the Freak X and most recently the Freak neXt.

Emceed by Constance Lau, guests were treated to a variety of experimental cuisine and unique performances in line with the iconic aesthetic Ulysse Nardin has built off the back of their innovative watches.

Patrick Pruniaux and Constance Lau

Much in the same way the oscillating regulator appears suspended in mid-air on the Freak neXt, a line-up of Ulysse Nardin watches appeared suspended above a pool of water at the converted gallery space.

X pool displaying Ulysse Nardin watches

More photos below on what was a memorable (and dare we say Freaky) way to kick off the weekend!

For everything else on Ulysse Nardin you’re more than welcome to stop by and have a chat (we carry Ulysse Nardin in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand) or contact us here.

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