The UR-210: Man And Machine Become One

New Watch! • 22 Oct 2012

The UR-210: Man And Machine Become One


Never has a timepiece displayed such feedback and morphed into a quasi relationship to its owner. In a first for a wristwatch, URWERK’s UR-210 highlights and trumpets the tempo of your life. Part synergic part reciprocal, it mirrors the energy and your personal lifestyle habits.

We are introduced to a world’s first; a complication that indicates winding efficiency over the last two hours. In typical Urwerk fashion, there is a silent and discreet communication between you and your timepiece in the form of interactive controls on the back case. This time, the complication triumphs by giving you the option of more precise control over your timepiece.

UR210 Backcase

The journey of horological discovery does not end here. Taking inspiration from the much lauded Zeit Device launched last year, the UR-210 satellite complication now features retrograde minutes; the result is one that is highly original and mind blowing. At the 59th minute, the true nature of the watch is revealed. An audible ‘click’ and the minute hand whisks back to its base. It is no wonder that this minute hand choreography excites. To some, this excitement sends them the urge to fast forward time, simply to experience that split second concerto once again.

“More than any URWERK timepiece, the UR-210 catches attention. The eye is inevitably drawn to the winding efficiency indicator…it’s almost a magnetic attraction. The UR-210 is not really a watch but rather a living mechanism grafted onto your wrist.”  says Martin Frei, Chief Designer for URWERK. “We have nicknamed the UR-210 as the Maltese Falcon because we see it as the stuff that dreams are made of.”

“In terms of the degree of evolution of the satellite carousel, I feel with the UR-210 that we have reached the pinnacle of what we can do with this complication.” explains Felix Baumgartner, master watchmaker and co-founder of URWERK. “The UR-210 represents a serious accomplishment for URWERK. This timepiece opens a new chapter in the evolution of our complications. It doesn’t just measure a universal value in a completely original way, but starts a real dialogue between the watch and its wearer. The UR-210 indicates your personal activity; this is yours and nobody else’s.”

The world in 3D begins from here.

Drawing of UR210

Retailing exclusively at More Passion by The Hour Glass and L’Atelier by The Hour Glass, Singapore.


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