MB&F’s Legacy Machine Perpetual EVO now in icy blue

New Watch! • 22 Feb 2024

MB&F’s Legacy Machine Perpetual EVO now in icy blue

A deep dive into MB&F’s newest Legacy Machine Perpetual EVO

The latest Legacy Machine Perpetual EVO boasts a bevy of innovative features, and MB&F promises it as among the smoothest-wearing perpetual calendars ever.

MB&F, the shining beacon of contemporary watchmaking, who has horologists the world over fixated, is building upon its legacy with the unveiling of the latest iteration of the Legacy Machine Perpetual EVO, this time exhibiting the alluring icy blue dial-plate.

A worthy successor to the green edition introduced in 2021, the new creation marks the latest chapter in the continuous evolution of the EVO family, which began in 2020 following the introduction of the first Legacy Machine Perpetual EVO pieces – three limited editions in zirconium – featuring a revolutionary case design and material.

The timekeeping machine, a perpetual calendar in essence, meant for the wrist is a highlight of MB&F’s holistic and expansive approach towards horology. It is an orchestra showcasing a variety of out-of-the-box ideas and risk-taking techniques that meld into a seamless whole.

The eye-catching creation is a perpetual calendar like no other

Like all MB&F designs, the 2024 edition of the Legacy Machine Perpetual EVO is the culmination of collective ingenuity. It harnesses the expertise of artisans within founder and visionnaire Maximilian Büsser’s milieu. The letter F in MB&F stands for friends, and none is more evident in this very machine.

Legacy Machine Perpetual EVO movement
The Legacy Machine Perpetual EVO features an exceptional perpetual calendar movement developed for MB&F by Stephen McDonnell

An integrated perpetual calendar, the Legacy Machine Perpetual EVO owes its provenance to the influential watchmaker Stephen McDonnell, whose proposed system to recast the mechanical basis of the conventional perpetual calendar gave rise to the LM Perpetual initially, and subsequently, the Legacy Machine Perpetual EVO.

The conventional perpetual calendar, though complex and exceptionally brilliant, is a delicate complication. Traditionally, it is a module fitted onto an existing movement. As the date changes, the lever transmits information to the appropriate components by moving backwards and forwards. However, due to the nature of this mechanism, a careless adjustment of the date can cause the traditional system to malfunction. It was also deemed malapropos for an advanced and modern perpetual calendar like the Legacy Machine Perpetual, which was destined to redefine perpetual calendars.

MB&F’s antidote, developed by McDonnell, is a “mechanical processor” consisting of a series of superimposed disks. The revolutionary processor takes the default number of 28, and then adds the extra days as required by each individual month. This facilitates the exact number of each month while eliminating the possibility of the date jumping incorrectly. Thanks to the planetary cam, quick-setting of the year is also a distinctive feature of the movement. The ground-breaking perpetual calendar, premiered in 2015, remains the benchmark today.

The 2024 edition showcases new elements 

Shaped to 44mm, the ergonomic case provides the perfect canvas for the mesmerising architecture that lies within. The case material is deliberately made of titanium for its superiority to the traditional stainless steel, while its bezel-less profile emphasises on openness. The use of the innovative thermal bonding system ensures the domed sapphire crystal can be coupled directly with the bezel-less case.

Legacy Machine Perpetual EVO balance wheel
Beautifully crafted, the Legacy Machine Perpetual EVO flaunts the iconic MB&F hovering balance wheel

The result is impressive legibility, with the Legacy Machine Perpetual EVO’s calendar indications and engine components accentuating the visual drama. The emblematic MB&F hovering balance wheel, which has come to define the Maison’s horological endeavours, serves as the crescendo. It faultlessly binds structural configuration with geometric elegance while providing the heart beat to the Legacy Machine Perpetual EVO’s precision.

Used for adjusting the perpetual calendar, the circular pushers have been upsized to double-sprung oblong actuators, to improve tactility. In addition, the LM Perpetual EVO features the FlexRing, an annular dampener machined from a single block of stainless steel, fitted between the case and the movement, to provide shock protection.

With the inclusion of a screw-down crown, the Legacy Machine Perpetual EVO is capable of 80m of water resistance. Thanks to a tiny but pivotal débrayage of the winding stem, which disengages the crown from the winding mechanism when it is pushed in and tightened, the mainspring barrel can’t be manually over-wound. MB&F’s unique movement possesses 72 hours of power reserve.

Finally, a distinctive attribute of the perpetual calendar is the magical practicality imparted by the closely-fitted, integrated rubber strap. It exemplifies a smooth-wearing machine meant to be worn anywhere, anytime, functioning as a trusted friend on your wrist.

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