Recapping Sinn’s 2019 Baselworld Releases

Specialist Picks • 01 Apr 2020

Recapping Sinn’s 2019 Baselworld Releases

by Gemma Kaczerepaa

German watchmaker Sinn isn’t exactly known for producing elaborate or ornamental designs. Sinn understands its customer base incredibly well and instead focuses on details that are heavily considerate of their intended context. The company’s core values incorporate toughness, durability and precision, and its primary intention is to create timepieces appropriate for piloting, diving and other field-based activities. Sinn’s clientele even includes the German special police force, so there’s no denying its emphasis on function and mechanics. Last year, however, heralded a departure from the norm for the Frankfurt-based company. While many of Sinn’s offerings at Baselworld 2019 were built on the utilitarian legacy of their predecessors, there were several models that bore (relatively) heavier decoration. Here is our round-up of the Sinn’s 2019 Baselworld releases.

Sinn 104 St Sa A G – a colourful take on the pilot watch

This is the latest addition to Sinn’s classic pilot watch collection, so it’s an obvious throwback to the company’s history of producing excellent watches designed for aviation. The difference in the 2019 model, however, is its brilliant metallic-green dial, a distinguishing visual feature that really sets it apart from its ancestry. Limited to just 500 models, the 104 St Sa A G contains a bevy of features that make it a fine watch for pilots and everyday wearers alike. The dial prioritises legibility, with a highly readable date window and numerals – no doubt created with busy pilots in mind. The captive pilot’s bezel with minute ratcheting is another feature wholly dedicated to the watch’s target clientele: it is screwed on in such a way that it won’t break off if it gets hit. The back of the watch is made of sapphire crystal glass, offering a window to the movement that lies inside.

That movement is, naturally, exceptionally made. The watch uses a self-winding mechanism and contains a 2836-2 movement made by Swiss manufacturer ETA. The watch is also resistant to low pressure, able to survive pressures of up to 20 bar, and meets the technical requirements of waterproofness. In summary, it’s everything Sinn has built its reputation on.

Sinn 6012 – an elegant Financial District timepiece

Sinn first launched its Frankfurt Financial District collection in 1999 to honour its home city – the financial heart of Germany. The latest version, the 6012, offers new features that differentiate it from previous models, namely the addition of a moon phase display. The moon phase display includes a visual change for Sinn. It uses iridescent mother-of-pearl to illustrate the moon and stars, designed to boost the watch’s elegance (for a company so synonymous with pragmatism, ‘elegance’ seems a novel term to use.) The sophisticated aesthetic elements continue on the back of the watch, with the rotor weight engraved with the Frankfurt skyline. In line with Sinn’s focus on pragmatism, the watch also features a full calendar display and stopwatch minute.

The front-facing displays are powered by the self-winding Sinn SZ06 movement, which was designed specifically for the anniversary of the Frankfurt Financial District range. The 6012 is the first watch to actually employ it. The watch is also anti-magnetic, low pressure resistant and pressure-resistant up to 10 bar. Outside of the new movement, Sinn has marked the occasion with the release of a limited edition version of the 6012. There are only 50 pieces available, making this one very special timepiece. The 6016 Rose Gold Anniversary contains the same features as the original 6012, with the addition of a beautiful case made of 18-carat rose gold, as well as DIAPAL Technology. The lubricant-free anchor escapement enhances the movement so that it keeps its accuracy for longer.

Both of the 6012 models are highly polished timepieces. With their bold black dials and luminescent moon motifs, they’re easily some of the most eye-catching Sinn releases we’ve seen.

Sinn 6099 B – the Financial District chronograph

The 6099 B is another addition to the Frankfurt Financial District collection that celebrates the range’s anniversary. Limited to only 200 pieces, the 6099 B differs from other new Financial District models because it’s a chronograph. Its distinguishing feature is its colour, with both the dial and strap presented in a brilliant blue hue. The electroplated dial bears a sunburst decoration, as well as the display of three timezones on a 12-hour basis. Like other Financial District models, the rotor weight includes an engraving of the Frankfurt skyline.

The movement is a Sinn construction based on the Sellita SW 500, and is, naturally, top-class. The watch is low pressure resistant, pressure-resistant to 10 bar, anti-magnetic and waterproof.

Sinn 206 – the newest diving watch

Sinn’s diving clientele certainly haven’t been left out this year, with the launch of the 206. There are two versions of the 206: the St Ar and the ARKTIS II, both released as updates to the original 203 diving range. The 206 St Ar is the latest in a line of exemplary diving watches released by Sinn over the years. It follows on from the 203 St and 203 Ti Ar models of the 1990s, both of which employed Ar-Dehumidifying Technology to ensure fantastic readability. Sinn’s Ar-Dehumidifying Technology keeps moisture far away from the watch’s interior, which can cause significant mechanical damage. In other words, this technology – and, by consequence, this watch – is a diver’s best friend.

Another classic feature on the 206 St Ar is an identical screw-push look that appeared on the 203 St. The difference with the contemporary model is that screwable push-pieces have been eradicated, making this a very easy watch to use. Epitomising simple design, the watch’s electroplated black dial and polished and satinised stainless steel case are sleek and refined.

The watch is powered by a Valjoux 7750 movement and has been tested against several diving metrics. Beyond the use of Ar-Dehumidifying Technology, this watch is obviously waterproof and is also pressure-resistant up to 300 metres diving depth. The ARKTIS II is the second evolution of the 203 ARKTIS, which was released in 1999. The new version has been released as a celebration of the 20-year anniversary of the original ARKTIS model, with the addition of more technologically current features.

Like the original, the ARKTIS II includes Temperature Resistant Technology. Impressively, this watch continues to function between temperatures of -45℃ and 80℃, a testament to Sinn’s unparalleled authority among diving watches. The 203 ARKTIS was the first to feature this technology, so it makes perfect sense that its descendant should carry the same functionality. Like the 206 St Ar, the ARKTIS II uses Ar-Dehumidifying Technology and is powered by the same Valjoux 7750 movement. It has also been tested based on European diving equipment standards and is pressure-resistant to 300 metres depth.

Visually, the ARKTIS II packs quite a punch: the electroplated blue dial is finished with a sunburst decoration, while the bold case is made with polished and satinised stainless steel. This is an incredibly elegant diving watch, very much in line with the overall spirit of Sinn’s latest releases.

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