Hublot celebrates creative entrepreneurs who make a Big Bang their fields

New Watch! • 07 Feb 2022

Hublot celebrates creative entrepreneurs who make a Big Bang their fields

They want it all, and they strive to make it happen. In an exuberant campaign, Hublot celebrates women who mean business but also delight in having fun.
From the time of its founding in 1980, the Swiss watchmaker has revelled in creating timepieces for those who dare to do different with its fearless “The Art of Fusion” philosophy.

Hublot dismisses convention to break boundaries, fusing art and science to dream, reimagine and reinvent. Its ingenuity spans unexpected juxtapositions such as rubber straps and diamonds to cutting-edge innovations like the world’s first scratchproof 18K Magic Gold. Just as bold and creative are the five talents Hublot handpicked for their enterprising and pioneering spirits. They’re known for blurring traditional boundaries and forging exciting paths forward, and they do it all with striking Hublot timepieces on their wrists.


Yaya Zahir, for instance, flaunts the Hublot Spirit of Big Bang King Gold Rainbow, a bejewelled fantasy befitting someone of her many talents. The actress is also a television host, interior designer, broadcast journalist and model, her colourful career mirroring the spectrum of shades on the 39mm watch.

May Ho pulls off the slightly larger proportions of the Hublot Big Bang Steel White Pavé, which clocks in at 41mm. The ruggedly feminine watch scattered with diamonds perfectly suits the adventures of the travel and lifestyle blogger, who also made her singing debut last year.

A former singer and beauty pageant participant, Juwei Teoh is now a full-time content creator who shares snippets of her daily life and style with an eager audience across social platforms. In her close-up for Hublot, she wears the elegant Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Titanium White Pavé timepiece to keep track of her hectic schedule.

With 1.5 million Instagram followers, singer-songwriter and actress Daiyan Trisha is among Malaysia’s most influential millennials and an up-and-coming icon of her generation. For the young talent who appreciates creative control and integrity, the black and bedazzled Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Titanium Pavé makes a firm and fitting statement.

A similar theme runs through the Hublot Big Bang One Click Steel Diamonds worn by actress Eyka Farhana. Best known for her strong performances in Pretty Little Liars (Indonesia), Juvana 2 and Polis EVO, she combines a steely work ethic and pure passion for her calling.

These are all values that resonate with Hublot, whose display cases and archives testify to a long legacy of collaboration with dreamers and doers. In a series of shots sparkling with exuberance and confidence, the master watchmaker honours these women who dare to dream and then follow-through.

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