URWERK Wraps Up the UR-220 Collection in Red Gold

New Watch! • 13 May 2022

URWERK Wraps Up the UR-220 Collection in Red Gold

Almost two years after the launch of the first UR-220, URWERK wraps up the collection. With a 4N gold case and an immaculate white textured strap, the new UR-220 Red Gold has a resolutely 80s vibe.




The Final Revolution

For this swansong of the UR-220 collection, URWERK crafts a tribute to the golden tans, immaculate suits, and Colgate smiles of Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs. Dressed in pristine white and flamboyant red gold, the UR-220 RG is URWERK’s expression of the quintessential Miami Vice vibes of the 1980s.

“Gold and white may seem an unlikely combination, yet the combo resonates deeply with me as a happy memory. I remember the super-cool heroes of my teenage years that we all wanted to resemble. They were ruggedly handsome, and nothing could faze them. They would chase down criminals in their pristine loose-fitting suits, Ray Ban Wayfarer 5022 on, their hair blowing in the wind and gold gleaming on their wrists. That was really the iconic image of the 1980s.” Martin Frei, co-founder and designer, URWERK.




Watch: URWERK – The 4th Dimension

The crisp white rubber strap and 4N red gold case and details give the new UR-220RG a distinct look, compared with the darker carbon looks of the predecessors in the 220 collection.

Lightning-Fast Retrograde

The UR-220 features URWERK’s calibre UR-7.20 with the patented revolving satellite complication. Three rotating cubes show the wandering hours, each slotting into a hollowed-out minutes hand. These move simultaneously along the 120-degree minutes track, jumping back to 0 to accommodate the next cube. The large retrograde minutes display is open-worked to ensure greater power and velocity.




Time for a Service

The UR-220 bears the oil change indicator, a key hallmark of the 200 modules and the URWERK watchmaking style. After a protracted absence, URWERK reinstalls this indicator showing the length of time the watch has been operating since its last service. The Oil Change comes in the form of a digital gauge indicating months on two adjacent rollers. The wearer triggers the device by removing a protective pin and pushing the pusher on the back. Once activated, the counters display the mechanism’s accumulated running time in months. At 39 months, a service is recommended. The counter is reset, and the pin replaced, once the URWERK team has attended to the watch.

“This  UR-220 Red Gold, which marks the end of a collection, is a powerful model endowed with strong character. It plays on striking, full-on contrasts. It’s a great way to make a statement and wrap up this line with a clear-cut bias, a surprise ‘wow’ effect.” Felix Baumgartner, co-founder and master watchmaker, URWERK.




Every Moment Counts: A Look at Our Shared Milestones to Celebrate the 25 Years of URWERK


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