URWERK Unveils Its SpaceTime Blade Limited Series

New Watch! • 06 Apr 2024

URWERK Unveils Its SpaceTime Blade Limited Series

Wonders in Geneva, this limited-edition timekeeper is a beacon of innovation and nostalgia. Discover the rest of our Watches & Wonders 2024 coverage.


In a world where the future of horology constantly intersects with the whispers of the past, SpaceTime Blades clock emerges as a beacon of innovation and nostalgia. This avant-garde masterpiece, born from the collaborative genius of independent watchmaker Urwerk and renowned Nixie tube artist Dalibor Farny, was first launched last year, and immediately registered a great deal of interest among the watchmaking cognoscenti for its unique proposition of time.

To fete the occasion of this year’s Watches and Wonders fair, the SpaceTime Blade goes from pièce unique to a production model, albeit in a very limited run of just 33 units. The differences are minimal; while the one-off edition featured a bronze pedestal with a natural patina, the production series is in all black. The indications are also slightly different.

Other than that, both ingenious timekeepers are essentially the same. Farny, a name synonymous with the revival of Nixie tube technology, brings an element of retro-tech chic to the SpaceTime Blades clock. His mastery in crafting these tubes, which encapsulate digits within a warm neon glow, elevates the clock beyond mere functionality into the realm of art. Nixie tubes, with their golden age allure, serve as the perfect counterpoint to the clock’s futuristic design, creating a piece that is as much about celebrating timekeeping’s history as it is about propelling it into the future.

Standing tall at 1.62m and weighing in at 40kg, this clock isn’t just a statement piece; it’s a conversation starter. Its design, reminiscent of a lightsabre, houses the glowing Nixie tubes that display not only hours, minutes, and seconds but also the Earth’s rotation in kilometers. This melding of time with the cosmic journey adds a layer of depth to the act of timekeeping, transforming every glance at the clock into a moment of cosmic reflection.

But the innovation doesn’t stop with its aesthetics. The SpaceTime Blades clock boasts a functionality that’s as novel as its design. A remote control – Star Wars fans can evoke the light sabre fantasy at this point – allows the owner to manipulate the display across various modes, blending the tactile pleasure of control with the visual delight of its illumination. From showing precise time measurements to the Earth’s travel through space, this clock doesn’t just tell time; it narrates the story of our planet’s celestial ballet.

More than a device to measure seconds, minutes, and hours, this unique clock is a vessel of time itself, carrying with it the legacy of past technologies, the excitement of present innovation, and the promise of future explorations.

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