URWERK Gives UR-100V Full Titanium Jacket a Black Update

New Watch! • 15 Jun 2022

URWERK Gives UR-100V Full Titanium Jacket a Black Update

URWERK continues the UR-100V Full Titanium Jacket chronicle with a new black version. Sleekly monochrome, this 25 piece limited-edition delivers the beauty of the UR-100V in a pure, unadulterated form.


Black titanium watch
The new URWERK UR-100V Full Black Titanium Jacket


“Black is black. It’s been our signature since day 01 of URWERK and it always will be. Our newest creation, the UR-100V Full Black Titanium Jacket is plain yet brimming with life and adrenaline. When a piece is dressed in black, it has to deliver its message straight to the heart. It has to be striking, intense. That’s what we wanted to do here. The beauty of UR-100V in its raw, pure state.” – Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei, co-founders of URWERK.

Trademark Satellite Configuration

Beneath the distinctive UR-100V dome is the satellite configuration of wandering hours and minutes. Powering this is the new Calibre 12.02 with a redesigned carousel. Reading time is easier than ever, by positioning the hours closer to the minutes as they travel in succession along the 60-minute scale. And in typical URWERK style, the finishing on the is as detailed as the construction. The carousel and the structure on top of the hours are forced from anodised aluminium, then sanded and shot-blasted. The satellite screws are individually circular sanded. The ruthenium carousel, where the satellites sit, are brass-plated and sanded. Keeping things powered is the self-winding rotor, a profiled airscrew known as the Windfänger.


The profiled air-screw “Windfänger” self-winding rotor of the Calibre 12.02


A Journey Through Space and Time

The UR-100V Full Black Titanium Jacket brings one’s journey through space into sharp focus. Once the minute hand completes its 60-minute journey, it reappears on a 20-minute scale of 555 kilometers – the distance one travels in 20 minutes when standing on Earth’s equator. The opposite scale tracks the journey through space around the sun in the same amount of time – 35,740km.

The inspiration for these displays come from a clock from Geri Baumgartner, Felix’s father and a noted restorer of antique clocks. The Gustave Sandoz clock, made for the 1893 Universal Exhibition, shows the distance travelled by a point on the equator instead of the time.

Nostalgically New


Black titanium watch
Full view of the wandering hours and retrograde minute hands on the UR-100V Full Black Titanium Jacket


The nostalgic look of the UR-100V Full Black Titanium Jacket will no doubt remind URWERK fans of the brand’s early models. “We have adopted some of the stylistic features of our first constructions, and then deconstructed them”, explains Martin Frei. “For example, the steel dome of our early models is now in transparent sapphire crystal. The hard outlines of the titanium and steel case highlight its perfection. Because I’m always at odds with the dictates of symmetry, I have used different proportions to catch the eye”.

Watch: URWERK – The 4th Dimension

Additional Comfort on the Wrist

The full titanium case and bracelet of this UR-100V makes it a lightweight and comfortable watch to wear. The bracelet consists of 32 black DLC-treated, sandblasted titanium links, ensuring a perfect aesthetic result. The watch also comes with an extra rubber strap, for those more active days.

“Our goal was to make the most comfortable watch to wear. The UR-100V Full Black Titanium Jacket is a perfectly ergonomic watch. Its bracelet is ultra-light and incredibly soft against the skin. It’s a bracelet synonymous with pleasure.” – URWERK co-founder and master-watchmaker Felix Baumgartner.


The new UR-100V Full Black Titanium Jacket comes on a titanium link bracelet designed for maximum comfort


The 41mm UR-100V Full Black Titanium Jacket is a limited edition of 25 pieces and comes with a titanium bracelet and an additional rubber strap.

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