Louis Erard Introduces The Excellence Petite Seconde Stone Dials

New Watch! • 29 Sep 2022

Louis Erard Introduces The Excellence Petite Seconde Stone Dials

Louis Erard introduces The Excellence Petite Seconde with stone dials in Aventurine, Lapis-Lazuli and Malachite. Each limited to 99 pieces.

Three silver coloured watches. One with green stone dial, one with blue stone dial, one blue glass dial.
Louis Erard Excellence Petite Seconde Stone Dials in Malachite, Lapis-Lazuli, and Aventurine

The Louis Erard Identity

Based in the Jura mountains, the birthplace of watchmaking, Louis Erard embodies the values of Swiss mechanics, the tradition that keeps its promises. Combining luxury, timelessness and elegance, this independent brand is renowned for its mechanical watches. Louis Erard continues to set itself apart from mass-market brands. Inspired by high-end watchmaking, the brand draws on its values to enhance its mechanical timepieces.

Introducing Stone & Glass Petite Second Dials

Cutting stones and glass to meet the finesse of a dial requires expertise in fine watchmaking. The challenge is twofold, since the dial has two levels and the material is cut to reveal the snailed opaline seconds counter.

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Excellence Petite Seconde Aventurine

Silver cased watch with sparkling blue glass dial
Louis Erard Excellence Petite Seconde with Aventurine dial

Aventurine stands out in the Louis Erard Petite Second with its sparkling inclusions. Taking its name from the Italian “Aventura”, meaning adventure or chance, this glass was first created by Venetian glass-blowers in the 17th century. Prized for its celestial allure, aventurine holds a special place in the world of luxury, as fascinating as a meteor shower on a moonless night over the ridges of the Jura Mountains.

Excellence Petite Seconde Lapis-Lazuli

Silver cased watch with sparkling blue stone dial
Louis Erard Excellence Petite Seconde with Lapis-Lazuli dial

Evoking the deep azure of early dawn, the blue hour of the Louis Erard Petite Second Lapis-Lazuli sits suspended between night and the new day. A flash of Yves Klein blue on the wrist. And as if we needed reminding, lapis lazuli is a cerulean blue metamorphic rock dotted with silicate inclusions. A stone of inner peace. An ornamental stone that has survived millennia, and from which man has long extracted an ultramarine blue pigment more precious than gold.

Excellence Petite Seconde Malachite

Silver cased watch with striped green stone dial
Louis Erard Excellence Petite Seconde with Malachite dial

The Louis Erard Petite Seconde Malachite plants its feet firmly back on the ground. A burst of woodland pasture brushed by German artist Gerhard Richter. Endowed with the ability to amplify positive energy, the stone is typical of luxury watchmaking in the 1960s but takes on a decidedly contemporary feel here. The familiarity of a vintage piece, yet accessible, contemporary, light, natural. As if the silver and steel cladding were stripping the malachite of its somewhat dusty luxury connotations to reveal its lively, natural beauty.

Each watch has a matching calf nubuck leather strap with tone-on-tone attachment points. Deep blue for the Excellence Petite Seconde Aventurine, morning blue for the Excellence Petite Seconde Lapis-Lazuli, and forest green for the ’Excellence Petite Seconde Malachite, with Louis Erard blue lining. Complete with a polished stainless steel pin buckle and functional catch spring bars enabling the strap to be changed quickly.

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