Girard-Perregaux Introduces the Laureato Absolute Light and Shade

New Watch! • 17 Feb 2023

Girard-Perregaux Introduces the Laureato Absolute Light and Shade

Housed in a metallised sapphire crystal case, the new Laureato Absolute Light & Shade from Girard-Perregaux juxtaposes curves against lines, the modern with the traditional, where aesthetics meets functionality.


Girard Perregaux Absolute Laureato Light Shade


Cutting Edge Technology Meets Traditional Watchmaking

Girard-Perregaux’s new Laureato Absolute Light & Shade draws on the Maison’s amassed watchmaking know-how and employs its vast expertise working with innovative materials. Most noticeable of the new Laureato Absolute Light & Shade is the light appearance and transparency of the case. The production of the sapphire case is a protracted and complex process. First, the boule of sapphire crystal is created using the “Kyropoulos growth method”, an extensive 8-week process that transforms alumina powder into a solid block of sapphire crystal. The boule is cut into small discs, which are then machined to form the bezel, case middle, and case back. The parts are thermally treated and polished, intensively screened to ensure only the parts that meet Girard-Perregaux’s exacting specifications are selected. The sapphire crystal components then undergo a metallisation treatment, which suffuses the parts with a smoked appearance. All in all, this intensive process requires 170 hours of complex work.



To match the cutting-edge sapphire case, Girard-Perregaux chose their in-house Calibre GP01800-1143 movement to power the Laureato Absolute Light & Shade. This skeletonised movement not only allows a continuation of the visual transparency initiated by the sapphire crystal case, it also showcases the technical brilliance and refined finishing that is made possible by the Maison’s history. Upholding Girard-Perregaux’s reputation for refined finishing, the NAC-treated bridges and mainplate incorporate sandblasting, traits-tirés, circular satin finishing and bevelling, with no less than 55 hand-polished inner angles. The variable-inertia balance fixes the hairspring length and adjusts the inertia weights fitted to the spokes of the balance wheel, delivering greater stability and superior shock resistance.

Girard-Perregaux uses a unique method, assembling the case and movement of the Laureato Absolute Light & Shade on a single axis from caseback to bezel, held together by a specific screw system designed to micron-level precision. By foregoing the casing ring required in traditional case construction, it ensures the watch is as light in weight as it is visually. Black PVD-treated titanium lugs are integrated within the case, and the Laureato Absolute Light & Shade is fitted with a FKM fabric effect rubber strap, ensuring optimal comfort. The buckle’s micro-adjustment system allows the wearer to fine-tune the fit of the watch on their wrist.


Silhouette and shadow of Girard-Perregaux Laureato Absolute Light & Shade


Discover the Girard-Perregaux Laureato Absolute Light & Shade at The Hour Glass.


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