F.P. Journe Launches the Rainbow élégante Gino’s Dream

New Watch! • 09 Apr 2024

F.P. Journe Launches the Rainbow élégante Gino’s Dream

F.P. Journe releases a new élégante watch, Gino’s Dream, in honour of the late friend and co-founder of Montres Journe SA. Discover the rest of our Watches & Wonders 2024 coverage.


The latest addition to the élégante line of watches features a rainbow bezel inspired by the larger-than-life personality of Serge Cukrowicz (1959 – 2021), known affectionately as Gino to those familiar with the brand. Following the presentation of the Tourbillon Souverain in 1999, Gino, alongside Philippe Rabin and, of course, François-Paul Journe, were instrumental in developing and expanding F.P. Journe as a brand. Gino was renowned for his industry experience, professional network, and evident passion for artisanal watchmaking. When asked, “What is your dream for F.P.Journe?”, Gino replied: “It is to be able to participate in the realisation of François-Paul Journe’s one.”


The bezel is adorned with 52 baguette-cut ceramic glass stones in rainbow hues and vibrant rubber straps. Aside from the bezel and strap variations, the watch is identical to the existing 48mm flat tortue élégante from F.P. Journe – measuring 48mm x 40mm by 7.95mm tall.

The creation of the bezel reflects the expertise of Boîtiers de Genève – F.P. Journe’s case-making facility. François-Paul Journe carefully selected each ceramic stone to achieve the perfect visual harmony. Following selection, each stone is set within exacting one-hundredth of a millimetre tolerance. The white dial variant is housed within a light and strong titanium case. In contrast, the black dial variant is paired with an anthracite-coloured Titalyt case – titanium that underwent electro-plasma oxidation. Both cases, as is typical for the brand, are made in F.P. Journe’s Cadraniers de Genève workshop in the heart of Geneva.


Gino’s Dream launches during an important milestone as the brand celebrates the 10th anniversary since the élégante was launched. Following eight years of research and development, Journe unveiled an innovative electromechanical movement, the Calibre 1210, which can suspend time and restart it during wear. After 35 minutes of inactivity on, for example, a bedside table or desk, the watch goes into sleep mode, akin to a bear in hibernation. The motion detector visible at the 4:30 position on the dial detects movement once the watch is worn and auto-corrects the time according to the shortest path the hands must travel – moving clockwise or anti-clockwise. Thanks to this whimsical device, users can expect between 8 to 10 years of everyday use and up to 18 years in standby mode. Unsurprisingly, the electronic components are afforded the same level of attention and finish as their mechanical counterparts – printed circuit tracks are gilded with rose Gold, reminiscent of the 18K rose Gold mechanical movements within the Classique collection.



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