Founded in 2013

Conceived in 2013, Trilobe made its debut in 2018 with its first collection, Les Matinaux. The unconventional way of depicting time using stationary trilobe makers and rotating discs was a revolution for watch design. The trilobe, meaning three lobes, represents the three pillars of time: hours, minutes, and seconds. Its founder, Gautier Massonneau, takes a creative, poetic, and audacious approach to the display of time.

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Une Folle Journée

Les Matinaux

Nuit Fantastique

Yesterday, time was frozen under rotating hands. With the Trilobe watch, time starts moving. Emboldened by this momentum, three rotating rings rush forward, carrying with them the scales of time: the largest ring for hours, the median one for minutes, the smallest one for seconds. A new classic.

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