Founded in 2013

Founded in 2013 by Rémi Maillat, KRAYON means pencil in french. It comes from the Founder being more than a watchmaker, he is a watch design engineer that loves to scetch. His precious talent: the ability to materialise mathematical calculations into fantastic watchmaking creations with disconcerting simplicity.

Whether it is to realise the aspirations of discerning clients or to give substance to his own imagination, this gifted engineer truly masters the technical complexities of the art of watchmaking. For him, a workable concept that will keep its promise can be sketched out with a pencil.

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Krayon's approach was born from a dream: a mechanical movement, adjustable by hand, that would make it possible to read the time of sunrise and sunset at any point on the globe. It has become reality by succeeding in a challenge never before achieved in watchmaking: a universal mechanical calculator of the exact time of sunrise and sunset.

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