Sherman’s Wish is Granted: MB&F’s Newest Creation

New Watch! • 29 Aug 2018

Sherman’s Wish is Granted: MB&F’s Newest Creation

There’s 166 years between MB&F and L’Epée 1839. Time and time again (pun intended) they’ve proven that age doesn’t matter by working together and releasing some of the most interesting timepieces out there. Only five months ago at Baselworld, MB&F released their latest co-creation with L’Epée, The Fifth Element – an intergalactic horological weather station. The Fifth Element’s space-ship is made up of four elements – a clock, a barometer, a hygrometer and a thermometer – all combined to form the mothership piloted by alien pilot Ross. This time around, MB&F’s co-creation with L’Epée goes by the name Grant. Sherman, the friendly little robot launched in 2016 gets a tough brother. Only time will tell whether he gets along with Bad Sherman though!

But first, a short history of MB&F and L’Epée’s Co-Creations:

  • 2018 – Grant
  • 2018 – The Fifth Element – An Intergalactic Horological Weather Station
  • 2017 – Octopod – An 8 legged, 8 day power-reserve machine from the abyss
  • 2017 – Destination Moon – The quintessential torpedo-shaped rocket of childhood dreams
  • 2016 – Balthazar – An imposing robot with enough fuel in that tank to last a month
  • 2016 – Sherman – Everybody’s favourite friendly robot
  • 2015 – Arachnophobia – So do you like spiders?
  • 2015 – Melchior – Celebrating 10 years of ”A creative adult is a child who survived”
  • 2014 – Starfleet Machine – Imagine a spaceship landing on your desk
Grant poised ready to attack! (or tell the time…it’s up to you)

Grant’s special skills include his ability to change positions. Going from lying horizontally, to crouching to sitting upright. Irregardless of the position he’s in, all 268 components are always on display.

What’s In A Name?

Derived from the Latin word grandis, Grant found its way into both the English and French vocabulary. In both languages, its meaning refers to someone or something that is physically big. Another possibility is that the name found its origins in Medieval Old English, with the name Granta meaning “snarler”. Armed with a spinning disk in his left hand and a removable grenade launcher in his right hand (that doubles as the winding and time-setting key), Grant doesn’t need to do much snarling. But if he feels inclined to do so, he’s got 8 days of snarling (I mean power reserve) in the tank. But one can’t deny the tank-reference, the Grant was also known as M3 Lee. Whereas, the Sherman was known as the M4 Sherman.

Spinning disk in the left and grenade launcher in the right hand, Grant is armed to the teeth.

His Incabloc shock protection system keeps him safe from attacks. And his three rubber tracks allow him to navigate all terrain, including the messiest desk. Grant weighs in at 2.34 kg and his stainless steel, nickel-plated brass, palladium-plated brass body measure in at 166 mm tall x 212 mm wide x 238 mm long when sitting upright in his vertical position. Laying flat (stealth mode!) he measures in at 115 mm tall x 212 mm wide x 231 mm long.

Ready to attack! Grant transforms into one of three different modes: lying horizontally over his chassis; crouching at 45 degrees; and sitting up 90 degrees. Grant’s time shield can always be set to an optimal viewing angle.

Grant is available in three limited editions of 50 pieces each in nickel, black, or blue. Looks like no one will be picking on Sherman now.


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