Teachers & Their Watches

Specialist Picks • 28 Apr 2019

Teachers & Their Watches

by Daniel Yong

Watches for Educators

In the world of watch collecting, there has been an abundance of coverage in regards to individuals from professions such as divers, pilots, chefs and musicians just to name a few. We used to think that watch collecting was an obscure hobby or obsession, but that is until social media came along. With platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, it is only natural that one becomes intrigued or lured into the rabbit hole of appreciating the art of watchmaking. Or curiosity quickly becoming obsession when the possibility to connect with other collectors all over the world becomes a reality. Of course, there are other ways to fall deeply in love with horology.

Take this as an example, meeting a distinguished but humble professor who researches on quality education, but only to be shocked when a two-tone Rolex Datejust appears right out of his sleeves. This professor, who was passionate about children learning, a man who wore grey Levi jeans and a pink oxford shirt from Uniqlo (yes, I asked), wore a two-tone Rolex Datejust? Each to their own of course and from that instance, a tsunami of questions flooded my mind and I soon wondered about the connection of watches and personalities in the field of education. What does this now say about him outside of teaching university students? What kind of lifestyle does he live when on holidays? Being a teacher myself, I then toyed with ideas of pairing watches with specific educators and this eventually led to this article. The following examples are of course my own opinion.

Longines Flagship Heritage for the teacher who inspires

Longines Heritage 1945

I just had to start off with a Longines. One of the most influential scientists in history wore a Longines himself. The great Professor Albert Einstein, who ironically was not the ideal student, rocked a 14 K gold tonneau-shaped Longines. In addition to that, Longines also has a history of other icons who famously adorned their pieces such as Audrey Hepburn and her Dolce Vita and finally, Amelia Earhart and her chronograph. These three people and their watches were obviously different, but they shared common traits. In terms of Einstein, Hepburn and Earhart, they all cared deeply about humanity and the advancement of society. Furthermore, although their watches were different in functionality and design, they were elegant and functional in terms of the wearer’s specific disciplines.

Longines Railway

Their attributes are what teachers try to promote in the thirty or more students in front of them. Inspired by those three icons, I have selected the first watch (well actually, a collection in this case) for the special educator, one with the abilities to take their students to great heights of achievement, the Longines Heritage Collection.

Nomos Tangente 33 duo for the teacher of design and the arts

Tangente 33 duo (left) next to the Orion 33 duo

Have you ever had a teacher that just made you believe in yourself? That made you feel like you existed and that it was safe enough to reveal yourself to the world? I had a few, but for the purpose of this article I will refer to one. Mine was my high school photography teacher. She had a gentle personality and noticed that just like Professor Einstein, unfortunately I was not exactly the exemplar student. However, she always made me believe that I was capable of improving if I worked hard enough and found what I cared about in life. She was both a fashionable and sophisticated woman that could easily turn from being softly spoken to military sergeant if she had to. If you asked me which watch would I gift her if it were possible, it would be the newly released Nomos Tangente 33 duo.

Ludwig 33 duo (left) and the Tetra 27 duo

This piece perfectly suits the photography or visual arts teacher as they would not need a superfluous piece on their wrist as they would rather you pay more attention to the artworks at hand. And those gold hands on top of the white-silver plated dial are just enough to express a beauty that is both sophisticated and well designed. After all, photography and visual arts teachers are the instructors of design right?

Three options for the Professor of English Literature

Ellen Page wearing the Reverso Classic Small Duetto in Pink Gold (Credit)

One of my favourite professors during my degree at University was one who taught English literature. For this teacher, I have selected three options. Each piece being iconic meaning, no other brand does it like them and if they tried, they might come across as being tacky. However more importantly, what distinguishes these three references is that they are either associated with a piece of history that cannot be imitated or worn by some of the most influential people. The first is the Jaeger Lecoultre Reverso Classic Small Duetto. The second option is the Rolex Explorer Oyster 39 mm. Finally, the Cartier Tank Solo. Just imagine one of these three watches sliding out underneath a Tweed blazer when the professor explains a concept from a T. S. Eliot excerpt!

Cartier has always enjoyed considerable success amongst well-known individuals. Bottom left: Cartier Tank Solo

Jaeger Lecoultre Master Ultra Thin Small Second for the school principal

No school, regardless of being a primary or high school can operate well without a strong leader who equally cares for the staff, students and community. I have been fortunate to experience a few principals who cared and led the school to great heights of success. They each shaped me as an educator in different ways (all positive of course). For the school principal, I would recommend another Jaeger Lecoultre. The Master Ultra Thin Small Second reference 1278420. This gorgeous piece is discreet enough to blend in with a suit jacket or an elegant dress and would suit an individual who is highly educated, humble and full of class.

Article Banner Image: Ellen Page wearing the Reverso Classic Small Duetto in Pink Gold (Credit)

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