Tudor’s Ambassadors – From the All Blacks to Jay Chou

News • 23 Oct 2018

Tudor’s Ambassadors – From the All Blacks to Jay Chou

by Cait Bazemore

Tudor was born from the will to go beyond. The brand has never been afraid to redefine the rules, and in recent years they have successfully carved their own path, independent of their parent brand, Rolex. Tudor’s approach to the full scope of watchmaking, from design to celebrity endorsement and ambassadors, has often defied tradition. The brand constantly manages to tap into the past, honouring time-tested practices and designs, whilst incorporating the best of modern watchmaking. It’s something that resonates well with both seasoned collectors and those new to watch collecting.

“For those who are up for anything. For those who face their fears. For those who reinvent themselves every day, a Tudor is born to dare.”

Tudor Black Bay Dark, PVD steel case and bracelet.

This innovative and unconventional attitude is epitomized in the brand’s “Born to Dare” campaign. The spirit of the campaign is reflected through a group of ambassadors whose work and achievements are a result of their daring approach to life. Tudor initially launched “Born to Dare” in 2017 with two partnerships. First, they joined forces with one of the world’s top rugby teams, the All Blacks, and their leading player, Beauden Barrett. Next, they brought on board the legendary footballer, David Beckham.

All Blacks

The All Blacks’ represent New Zealand in men’s rugby, the country’s national sport. Over the course of their history, which spans more than a century, they have become the most successful international rugby team of all time. Since 2012, Beauden Barrett has led the team. Barrett was elected the world’s best rugby player in 2016 and 2017 and is the youngest and only the second player in history to receive the distinction twice. Members of the team represent Tudor by wearing the Black Bay Dark. It, like the other members of the Black Bay collection, is inspired by Tudor’s early dive watches. However, the Black Bay Dark is given a thoroughly modern twist in the form of PVD coating. A fitting choice for the All Blacks. Rugged and tough, the finish has a satin-like gloss in the metal and provides an eye-catching contrast against the luminescent snowflake hands and hour markers.

Tudor Black Bay Dark on fabric strap

David Beckham

David Beckham needs no introduction. He’s a cultural icon and one of the most instantly recognisable athletes in the world. However, Beckham’s legacy isn’t as the fastest player or top scorer. Instead, his play style has been defined by his relentless passion and sheer determination. As a right winger, his distinctive bending free kicks manifested into the catchphrase, “Bend it like Beckham.” This motto says it all about his brand of game. David Beckham dares to go all the way. He represents Tudor wearing the Black Bay Chrono and the Black Bay S&G.

Since the initial launch of “Born to Dare” with the All Blacks, Beauden Barrett, and David Beckham, Tudor has enlisted two other celebrities for the campaign. Spanning beyond the world of sports, the brand has welcomed two world-renowned entertainers to join the ranks of their ambassadors. First, they recruited American singer and songwriter Lady Gaga. Most recently, they have partnered with Taiwanese musician, singer, composer, and producer Jay Chou.

Lady Gaga

When you think of daring artists in the global music scene, Lady Gaga immediately comes to mind. Through her provocative and theatrical style, bold political statements, and raw talent, Lady Gaga has created an inimitable image. Her work spans beyond entertainment. In 2012, she founded the Born This Way Foundation. This organization leverages key partnerships and academic research to provide youth with mental health resources and kinder communities on and offline. Lady Gaga represents Tudor wearing the versatile Black Bay Red, Black Bay 36 and 41.

Jay Chou

Jay Chou is considered the “King of Asian Pop.” He began playing the piano at the young age of four and demonstrated a natural talent. He went on to master the cello, violin, guitar, and a number of percussion instruments. His musical career began as a composer. Then, he transitioned to singing in 2000. Chou is responsible for pioneering his namesake style of music, which combines R&B and electronica with Asian classical music. By 2007, he had founded his own record company, JVR. Chou has become the face of Tudor’s 1926 line, which first debuted at Baselworld in 2018. The collection of casually elegant dress watches seamlessly blends traditional horology aesthetics and contemporary high-performance watchmaking. The mix of old and new perfectly aligns with Chou’s approach to music.

For years, the Tudor name remained synonymous with Rolex. Now, Tudor is writing its own story, one that builds on the past and aims for the future. This narrative includes up and coming watch enthusiasts and cultural influencers who reject the status quo. They are people with curiosity and ambition. They are people who fearlessly pursue their passions. They are people who are born to dare.

Visit Tudor’s newly opened Studio Boutique by The Hour Glass to view the Black Bay Dark in the metal. Located at Level 1, Tangs at Tang Plaza. Open Monday to Saturday 10:30 AM to 9:30 PM. Sunday hours from 11:00

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