#THGMalmaisonSalonSessions  – One to Watch: Yoyo Cao

Interviews • 21 Mar 2016

#THGMalmaisonSalonSessions – One to Watch: Yoyo Cao

Jetset fashionista Yoyo Cao sticks to time-honored classics with a bespoke touch.

Yoyo Cao wearing Hublot Classic FusionYoyo Cao resting in Malmaison’s VIP room, wearing a Hublot Classic Fusion.


What are some of your earliest memories of owning a watch?
I owned a few Baby-Gs when I was in primary school, these were gifts from my mother for doing well in class. They were practical and functional for me as a kid, but most importantly – they came in various colours which made me happy!

Tell us about a favourite watch that you own.
My Rolex Daytona. I got it on my 18th birthday – another gift from my mother. At 40mm, it is slightly oversized on my wrist, but that’s what I like about it. The design is a classic, and works well for any outfit or occasion.

How do you feel about the watch you are wearing today?
What makes a brand timeless is a no-nonsense design and straightforward function. I feel that Rolex is a brand that really epitomize this. I’m wearing the Rolex Day-Date in gold today. When you look at all of their ‘flagship’ models, which were designed 10 – 20 years ago, they are still current and contemporary looking, and I imagine they still will be in decades to come. I also like the Hublot Classic Fusion as it is understated and is gender neutral. To me, you also own something that you are comfortable in carrying off.

You are one of the most influential social media stars in Singapore, inspiring many young women through thoughtfully curated captures of your personal life on social media. What is the message you’re trying to deliver to your audience?
The aim for my Instagram account is to be both inspirational and aspirational. I’m all about delivering positive vibes to my audience. I want to remind people to keep dreaming, and that with hard work anything can be accomplished.


Yoyo Cao wearing Rolex Day Date

Yoyo Cao Cao wearing a Rolex Day-Date in gold


How much has social media and your online presence changed the way you view brands? What, to you, are the key ingredients in building an authentic presence in the digital age?
I think social media gives you a more authentic view of a brand. You get to see how products are being used by real people and incorporated into their daily life. It’s a far more realistic insight than a stylized brand campaign or editorial. You need a certain amount of real substance or context to get people interested in the things you post.

What was your first impression when you entered Malmaison at The Hour Glass? As an avid traveller and a fashion insider, you’ve visited and experienced many different retail environments, how is Malmaison different from others?
Malmaison at The Hour Glass doesn’t feel like a traditional watch store, it’s more like a private home. I think this lends a sense of comfort and intimacy as soon as you step through the door. I particularly like the second floor of the Malmaison as it’s is bright and spacious, yet feels more private than other parts of the store.


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