Discover Drive De Cartier With Christopher Lee

New Watch! • 30 Nov 2016

Discover Drive De Cartier With Christopher Lee

Married to Fann Wong, arguably Singapore’s most famous actress, Christopher Lee is television royalty. Lee has been a major presence on Singapore’s screens since 1995, when he was runner up in the Star Search talent contest.

Since then the ageless Lee has notched up hit after hit over a two-decade career spanning Asia film and television, including Chinese crowd-puller The Romance of the Condor Heroes. His repertoire even includes song, having released two albums as well as over a dozen singles, including several duets with his wife.

Lee has been almost a yearly feature at the Star Awards, Singapore’s equivalent of the Emmys, most recently clinching the Best Actor prize in 2016 for the musical Crescendo.

And his talent has been recognised in the wider world, most notably when he landed the Best Leading Actor at the 49th Golden Bell Awards in 2014 for his role in Taiwanese drama A Good Wife.

Lee’s tremendous talent has made him the archetype of the gentleman who wears the Drive de Cartier, the latest men’s timepiece from the Parisian jeweler. Here he shares his perspectives on life and the concept of time.

The Hour Glass gets candid with the ultimate Drive man this Christmas.

Christopher Lee

What keeps you doing what you do professionally?
I am passionate about acting and delve thoroughly into each character to nail the role. The satisfaction of portraying the character convincingly spurs me further.

If you could magically get an extra hour everyday, what would you do with it?
Of course I would spend it taking Zed Zed out. It doesn’t matter where we go, as long as Zed Zed is by the side of his mother and father, everything is perfect.

What do Cartier watches mean to you?
They signify an attention to detail, represent an icon of classic elegance and are a symbol of faith and trust. 

How does the Drive de Cartier fit with your personal style?
I’m a spontaneous person, but I know how to wholeheartedly appreciate life. The design of the Drive de Cartier fits my personality, and the watch integrates itself seamlessly into my daily life.

From a practical standpoint, why do you like the Drive de Cartier? 
I really like how it looks – clean, simple and uncomplicated – but feels substantial and sits elegantly on my wrist.

Have you ever rewarded yourself with a watch? 
The Drive de Cartier is my dream watch and I will reward myself with another watch from Cartier for their quality workmanship and timeless look!

Christopher Lee

Discover more about the Drive De Cartier here.

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