News • 13 Nov 2018

De Bethune’s Starry Varius Shines at GPHG

DB25 Starry Varius Chronomètre Tourbillon Wins the Chronometry Prize

De Bethune’s no stranger to leaving GPHG with the occasional prize. Winning the Chronograph watch prize four years ago with their DB29 Maxichrono Tourbillon and being awarded the Aiguille d’or Grand Prix in 2011, thanks to the DB28. On Friday at the 18th Edition of the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, De Bethune took home the Chronometry category prize with literally the most star-studded watch the GPHG has seen.

Night Sky Dials

Looking down at the DB25 Starry Varius is like looking up at the shimmering night sky. Featuring a newly revised case and the option to have the starry firmament fully customised to your desired geographic location, the Starry Varius perfectly illustrates De Bethune’s mastery of the technical and artistic elements of watchmaking.⠀

Each star of the constellation is hand riveted to the dial inlay. Each inlay starts off as titanium plate that is then polished to a mirror finish, cut to specification, oven-blued, inspected and lacquered. The result is an unparalleled shine and lustre. Golden hands further accentuate the richness of the blued-titanium dial plate and provide a contrast much like real stars shining against the darkness of the night. Turn the watch over and you’ll come across ‘Côtes de Bethune’. Unlike ‘Côtes de Genève’, De Bethune’s take on the decorative finish is characterised by decorative stripes that symmetrically radiate out from the centre.

Calibre DB2109V4

Housed within the 42 mm titanium case and under the night sky dial ticks the in-house manually wound calibre DB2109V4. Featuring a range of impressive additions straight off a horological wish list.

De Bethune has added their latest titanium balance wheel (featuring white gold inserts), entirely optimized for temperature changes and air penetration and a Silicium escapement. Its regulated via the De Bethune balance spring with its patented flat terminal curve maintaining a perfect centre of gravity. Calibre DB2109V4’s oscillator operates at 36,000 vibrations/hour enabling the 63-part tourbillon to achieve an astonishing accuracy on the wrist of +/-1 second per day. And weighing in at just 0.18 grams, it’s one of the fastest and lightest tourbillons in the industry. Jumping seconds ensuring high-precision reading and consisting of two coaxially mounted seconds (fourth) wheels and a double pallet lever with four ruby pallets.

Light, Thin, Accurate and Goes the Distance

Measuring in at 10.3 mm high and with a 96 hour power-reserve, calibre DB2109V4 is like a slim endurance runner.

Let’s say you put your watch down on Friday night and decide to take a hike in search of a good location to do some star gazing. Distracted by the Milky Way you find yourself lost. Only managing to re-orient yourself 4 days later on Tuesday night. Exhausted, dishevelled and with an interesting story to tell, you return home finding your Starry Varius still ticking away.

As engrossing as the night sky is, De Bethune makes a good case for not letting the above situation play out, by putting a constellation on your wrist. The beauty of the dial is a testament to not only their obvious technical capabilities but also to their artistic sensibilities. It’s a fine example of the artistic and scientific duality that’s always been at the heart of horology.

Limited Edition of 20. Reference: DB25STTIS3

De Bethune is exclusive to The Hour Glass in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia. You’re more than welcome to stop by one of our boutiques, say hi, and share in our passion for De Bethune. We’d absolutely love to guide you in your watch collecting journey. Have a question? Drop us a line. We look forward to hearing from you.

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