Art Meets Music – Hublot’s 2019 Ultra Recap

News • 17 Jun 2019

Art Meets Music – Hublot’s 2019 Ultra Recap

We all get into watches for different reasons. Maybe it’s a love of mechanics, an interest in precision or an appreciation for centuries-old decorative techniques. What I find most interesting about watches is that it brings together people who really have nothing else in common but watches. Hell, take the city of Nyon and Miami as an example. describes Nyon as a quote “spick-and-span little town”. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t exactly call what is arguably the party capital of the USA, Miami, a spick-and-span little down. Yet the two have more in common than meets the eye.

Ultra 2019 in the spick-and-span little red dot

Founded in Miami in 1999, it was only a matter of time before Ultra looked abroad, running electronic music festivals all over the world. Singapore included. For these past three years, Nyon-based Hublot has partnered as the official timekeeper of Ultra in Singapore, uniting three towns (Nyon, Miami and Singapore) over one weekend of back-to-back acts from the world’s best EDM DJ’s.

This year Hublot brought together ambassador (and designer of the Sang Bleu II) Mr Maxime-Plescia Büchi, and Singapore’s very first friend of the brand, Mr Manfred Lim or better known by his moniker, MYRNE (For more on that click here).

“I think there’s some personal connection that I have with watch designing and the watch industry that I would say it’s the same with tattoos. In terms of designing, I approach the watch like a body – I work on the pre-existing shape, pre-existing body, pre-existing story and history and I will try to enhance and augment it, in a way that is not disruptive and is true to the owner in a way that it’ll make sense. I will be a step in the history and evolution of the person, brand, design and watch.” (Maxime-Plescia Büchi)

“I’m a big fan of abstract, geometric shapes contrasting with nature, and how both elements fit together despite being from entirely different worlds. I was excited to discover Maxime was especially good in that style and it only became logical to complete my arm with a fitting piece by him.” (DJ MYRNE)

Only Hublot could have brought together one of the hottest DJ’s from the Asia Pacific with arguably the most popular tattoo artist in the world for an event celebrating music, artistry and watchmaking. Essentially bringing together a group of people who may have never come into contact before.  Which is a pretty cool thing in this day and age.

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