Panthère de Cartier in Los Angeles

New Watch! • 17 Dec 2019

Panthère de Cartier in Los Angeles

by Meghan Dansie

In Los Angeles with Courtney Eaton

Legend has it that, whilst on safari with Louis Cartier, Jeanne Toussaint spotted a panther and exclaimed: “Onyx, diamonds, emeralds – a brooch!” However, Toussaint’s creative talent was far from a matter of chance. With her aim of bringing joy to jewellery, Toussaint forever changed creative direction of Cartier.

After becoming Director of Fine Jewellery in 1933, Toussaint was responsible for evolving the brand from Art Deco abstraction to more figurative work:  the panther, the brand’s historic bird motif and black lacquer lady bugs to name a few. Toussaint incorporated her personality into the brand’s jewellery, and made these modern sensibilities available to the marketplace for women.

As one of the first instances of a woman running the creative direction of a prestigious brand like Cartier, Jeanne Toussaint carved out a space in the market for women who did not simply want decoration crafted by the minds of men – women who wanted more than ‘pretty’.

Continuing to bridge the divide between jewellery and watches, the latest update to the Panthère de Cartier range furthers this spirit. Classic elegance meets youthful vibrance, the Panthère de Cartier is an ode to the modern woman; at ease regardless of the occasion, be that a board room presentation or a friend’s wedding.

The Manchette

The two new interpretations of this vision are the Manchette and Mini watches. All about showcasing its own brilliant bracelet, the Manchette bridges the useability gap between watches and jewellery. The piece’s quartz watch component is off-centred, with a partly open worked chain ensuring that the piece does not consume its wearer.

If you are looking for something extra, rest assured that Cartier has you covered. The Manchette is also available in two extra-large models: one entirely pink gold, with 404, brilliant-cut, 2.66 carat diamonds, the other part of an exclusive 50-piece release. This latter edition’s pink gold and black lacquer cuff detailing is seamlessly incorporated into the dial and quartz mechanism alike. A là Toussaint indeed.

The Mini

Still a far cry from demure, the Mini model is the Manchette’s more understated compatriot. Available in yellow gold, pink gold or white gold, the mini is available with or without the triple loop bracelet.

Choice abounds, with the added option of a case set with 99 brilliant-cut diamonds available in both editions. A replica of the original model, the triple loop edition of the Mini lends itself to standalone statements, as well as stackable pairings with other bracelets. Its proportions manage useability alongside uniqueness, making it suitable for any part of your day.  Whatever your preferences, the updates to the Cartier’s Panthère Collection will strike watch enthusiasts with its efforts to coalesce Cartier’s (and particularly, Jeanne Toussaint’s) classic shapes and spirit with the modern woman’s needs. Versatile, innovative, elegant, capable and unique, this updated collection meets both its moniker, and its wearer’s mojo.

Cartier Care

With your subscription to Cartier Care, enjoy an extension of the International Limited Warranty for up to 8 years, as well as a range of complimentary and exclusive services that will extend the life of your watch for years to come.

In addition, you can look forward to personalized notifications and invitations to your inbox from your local Cartier boutique for additional complimentary diagnostics. To join Cartier Care, scan the QR code printed on the warranty card or visit and enter your creation’s serial number.

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