Grand Seiko

Grand Seiko

Founded in 1960

At a glance, every timepiece, whether from the Sport, Heritage or Elegance Collection, is recognisably Grand Seiko. Why is this? The answer lies in the unique aesthetic of Grand Seiko and in its very Japanese sense of natural beauty. At the heart of this aesthetic is the Japanese reverence for the way that light paints an ever changing and subtle picture of our world. In Japan, light and dark are not just absolutes; they are the outer ends of a continuum of shadow. The Japanese sensibility delights in the way that light, shadow and dark constantly interact and in the myriad gradations that they form. Every Grand Seiko design makes full use of the harmony of light, dark and shadow. The impression that each Grand Seiko watch makes on the eye is always changing so that the timepiece expresses not only its sober and enduring beauty but also presents an image of the uniqueness of every moment. Grand Seiko is a watch that celebrates light as well as time.

The silhouette of a Grand Seiko watch is crafted from sharp, flat surfaces and straight lines. The surfaces are highly polished by hand by highly skilled craftsmen and women to a perfect, distortion-free mirror finish. The rectangular indexes are diamond cut so that every surface catches the light, as are the broad hour, minute and seconds hands. From the painstaking attention paid to all these elements comes the high legibility and sparkle of quality that have always been the hallmark of Grand Seiko.

Every Grand Seiko watch marks the passage of time with a respect for the natural world that is expressed in its purity of design, in its quiet sobriety and in its attention to the perfection of every detail.

It was the determination to excel that brought about the birth of Grand Seiko in 1960. During its development and ever since, the idea that drove the designers and engineers was that Grand Seiko should be the ‘ideal’ watch with standards of precision, durability and beauty that would lead the world.

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