Then Now Beyond Exhibition

News • 15 Nov 2019

Then Now Beyond Exhibition

In continued celebration of 40 years, The Hour Glass presents their commitment in showcasing the art of horology through design, creativity and culture. A section of the flagship store Malmaison by The Hour Glass will be redesigned by Milan based JoAnn Tan Studio, creating an immersive environment for the special collection of limited-edition time pieces, and commissioned artworks for the exhibition Then Now Beyond.

JoAnn Tan Studio, specialising in window display, installations, scenography and set design, will reimagine the flagship store by incorporating new elements that complement the existing signature style of Malmaison. The redesign orientates on the concept of space, with influences from Stanley Kubrick’s iconic set of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ where antiquity is fused with futuristic design.

Materials including brushed aluminium and brass have been used to hint at the silent elegance of space craft while more organic materials like sand and glitter allude to the textures of the surfaces of planets, with light romanticising the presence of stars. The redesign, which started in summer 2018 will be completed in November to offer a dedicated designed platform to showcase the curated selection of commissioned Objets D’Art and commemorative edition watches.

“The Hour Glass is a beacon of elegance and style in Asia. One of my favourite childhood memories from Singapore, includes visiting one of The Hour Glass boutiques with my Dad for the purchase of a Cartier watch. Time is definitely the key concept behind our design. We have chosen to present time as the movement of planets because the rotation of the universe is fundamental to our perception of time. For both these reasons it has been both an honour and a delight to work on this project,” says JoAnn Tan, Creative Director and Co-Founder of JoAnn Tan Studio.

Honouring its journey of the past forty years, the celebratory exhibition Then Now Beyond, on view from 23 November 2019 – 29 February 2020, will present special commissioned works by four renowned designers and contemporary artists: Daniel Arsham, nendo, Marc Newson & Studio Wieki Somers. Arsham will be in Singapore for the opening of the exhibition on Saturday November 23, 2019.

The Then Now Beyond Exhibition is located at Malmaison by The Hour Glass and runs from November 24 until February 29, 2020.

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