Hublot Introduce Two Classic Fusion watches in Essential Grey

New Watch! • 05 Jul 2024

Hublot Introduce Two Classic Fusion watches in Essential Grey

Hublot has brought back the Essential Grey collection and this time, it will be splashed all over two Classic Fusion models to complete a trifecta of chapters for what has become a signature colourway for the brand. While many brands and studios have struggled to guess the next colour trend in the world of watches, Hublot decided to stick with its Essential Grey for yet another year, knowing just how well of a timeless piece it can be.

This isn’t the first time Hublot has introduced one of its signature collections in the Essential Grey colourway. The first iteration of Hublot and the Essential Grey dates back to the Big Bang Unico, which was released back in 2022. This was followed by the Spirit of Big Bang also in Essential Grey, which came out the following year in 2023. Now, the third variation of Hublot and Essential Grey will be featured on the Classic Fusion to complete a hat-trick of releases over the last few years.

Hublot Classic Fusion - Essential Grey
The Hublot Classic Fusion in Essential Grey

The Hublot 2024 release will feature the Classic Fusion Essential Grey watch in two sizes: 42mm and 45mm that are fitted with grade 5 titanium, which retains its slightly bluish metallic sheen once polished. Both watches will also feature the latest and greatest that made the Classic Fusion an instant… classic. This includes an integrated bracelet with a textured rubber strap, which holds together the sunray finished dial with three central hands that are complemented by a discrete date window.

Its satin-finished bezel will have six functional screws with the H-shaped head that makes it undeniably distinguishable. But for avid collectors and aficionados, they will be able to tell the differences between the 42mm and 45mm. Hublot has ensured that both watches are fitted with a calibre that is adapted to each volume. One watch will carry a 10.4mm high calibre whilst the other will be at 10.95mm, which is reflective of Hublot’s acute attention to detail.

Aside from being a worthwhile sight on the wrist, it’s what’s inside of the Hublot Classic Fusion that many will be able to appreciate. At the heart of the 42mm Classic Fusion Essential Grey is the HUB1110 calibre at just 3.61mm thick. As for the 45mm model, it is powered by the HUB1112 movement, which measures at only 4.26mm. These specifications were a “made-to-measure” choice that not only shows respect for its design and engineering while also perfectly blending the form and function specific to each case.

However, in the interest of fairness, both the 42mm and 45mm Hublot Classic Fusion watches will each have a guaranteed 42-hour power reserve. This goes to show that Hublot has ensured each piece receives the same level of mechanical excellence without drawbacks. The Hublot Classic Fusion Essential Grey will only be made available on the official website, which harkens back to the exclusivity of one of the Manufacture’s most popular vintages.

The Classic Fusion watches in Essential Grey are an online exclusive available on Hublot’s website. For all other Hublot enquiries, please contact us; we’d love to assist you.

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