The Spirit of Takumi

News • 17 Jun 2021

The Spirit of Takumi

Introduction to the Grand Seiko Style 

Grand Seiko is joining the Watches of Switzerland family in Singapore with the opening of our new boutique at NEX Serangoon. Established in 1960, the Japanese watchmaker carries over half a century of innovation and a unique balance of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. Appreciated by watch amateurs and purists alike, Grand Seiko watches embody the art of Japanese watchmaking and distinguish themselves by a unique aesthetic lexicon.

“Beyond quest. Beyond mastery of craft. Is the spirit of TAKUMI. The spirit of TAKUMI lives deep within every Grand Seiko watch. Practiced and perfected as “the way” the artisans pour their hearts and souls; their entire selves in every detail of the process.” – Grand Seiko


SBGK007 Grand Seiko Elegance Collection, equipped with manual-winding caliber 9S63.

The Grand Seiko Style 

In 1967, the 44GS model established the Grand Seiko style that defined the basic look of the brand and the models which followed. Developed by in-house designer Taro Tanaka, the Grand Seiko style is set to express a uniquely Japanese idea of beauty.

Valued for their craftsmanship, all the Grand Seiko watches are polished by hand, using a traditional Japanese polishing technique called “Zaratsu”. Like a number of folding fan or folding screens, a number of flat surfaces create interplay of light and shadow which has been beloved by the Japanese for a long time.

The 9 key aesthetic features Grand Seiko is renowned for:

1. Double Width Index at 12 O’clock

2. Multi-faceted Rectangular Markers

3. Highly Polished Bezel

4. Highly Polished Planes and Two Dimensional Surface

5. Half Recessed Crown

6. Flat Dial

7. Multi-faceted Hour and Minute Hands

8. Curved Sideline

9. Reverse Slanted Bezel Wall and Case Side

SBGM221 Grand Seiko Elegance Collection – a classic GMT watch equipped with the automatic caliber 9S66.

Passing Down The Grand Seiko Style

Each and every Grand Seiko has the special ‘sparkle of quality’ on which its creators insisted. This use of light and its reflection is to be found in the true perfection of every detail. Every facet of the hands and the markers are designed to reflect even the smallest ray of light, creating a crisp, clear, unique aesthetic that says: this is Grand Seiko, the ultimate practical watch. This core aesthetic is passed on faithfully from generation to generation while being adapted subtly to the changing times. In this way, the Grand Seiko design is both enhanced and preserved.

Discover Grand Seiko at Watches of Switzerland NEX (Serangoon)

Grand Seiko Sport Collection.
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