De Bethune Proudly Presents The DB25T Zodiac

New Watch! • 05 Feb 2015

De Bethune Proudly Presents The DB25T Zodiac

De Bethune DB25T Zodiac
De Bethune DB25T Zodiac

As the proud standard-bearer of a genuinely exclusive approach to Haute Horology, the DB25T makes innovation the very heart of its construction reflecting a proud horological tradition.

Innovation has always been the touchstone of the masterpieces that have punctuated the history of horology. The grand masters used technologies, tools and means of their era in order to surpass their own knowledge and push their achievements to ever-greater heights of excellence. It is this spirit of innovation that continues to drive David Zanetta and Denis Flageollet. Their artistic approach and their vision of contemporary watchmaking are grounded on the solid foundations of technical knowledge, well-mastered expertise and a culture nurtured by several centuries of history enriched with all kinds of beauty.

The DB25T Zodiac features references to the imposing tower clocks that are still enthroned in certain European cities and have been an infinite source of inspiration for horologists wishing to convey their beauty and their grandeur through the ages. Table clocks or grandfather clocks, pocket watches and now wristwatches: the very essence of this horological culture graces the dial of the DB25T, notably in the aesthetic work on materials, the engraving and the light effects, but also and above all through consistently demonstrated miniaturisation technology.

The round case of the DB25 and its elegantly open-worked lugs frame a polished and blued titanium sky adorned with hand-engravings on solid gold and representing the 12 zodiac signs. These symbols, which are an integral part of the aesthetic and artistic world of horology, lend a sense of infinity to the depth of the De Bethune star-studded sky. The radiance instilled by the silver-toned guilloché decoration radiating from the dial centre contributes to the multiple shimmering light effects on the finely grained rings, and on the open-worked polished yellow gold hands.

The technical nature and the high frequency of the DB2109 mechanism driving the jumping seconds display makes a striking contrast with the almost poetic delicacy with which this large blue hand finely points to every second. De Bethune wished to revive the traditions of the golden age of horology by infusing this movement with the soul and the majesty of the great historical regulator clocks. “Jumping seconds” was a natural choice to impart a noble cadence to the passing of time. The components are pared down to essentials and feature simplicity where required and complexity where necessary.

The Hour Glass is the exclusive retailer for De Bethune in Singapore.



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