Back To Black – Hublot And All-Black Watches

New Watch! • 03 Nov 2016

Back To Black – Hublot And All-Black Watches

by Ariel Adams

Jean-Claude Biver, the man who made Hublot, is among other things famous for his clever marketing strategies such as the brand’s slogan, “The Art of Fusion.”

Since their debut back in the mid 2000s, such all-black watches have had a range of names such as phantom, ghost, all black, and dark.

They are often in truth all-black in color – which is an odd concept when you consider that watch dials are meant to be read.

In order to create the type of contrast needed for at least some legibility, all-black watch dials are often designed using various shades of dark gray and black, as well as different materials and finishing to create the necessary contrast to see hands and read the dial.

Hublot Big Bang All Black
Hublot Big Bang All Black

Hublot has been famous for combining its technical, complicated dials with all-black color themes, across many watches. The success of such designs, in my opinion, is really about how the contrast that comes from these various materials and finishes is integral to showing off the various techniques the company uses in making its dial and case parts.

I recall several years ago, while I was first getting to know him, asking him why Hublot has released so many watches with black-on-black color schemes.

Jean-Claude Biver would explain it in his own way. His was of explaining the all-black watch appeal to me was to say it is “visible invisibility.” Of course.

I think he was trying to say that it is clear you are wearing something unusual, but everyone else who sees it isn’t quite sure what it is, and it draws their attention. All-black watches, in addition to being the epitome of dark cool manliness, do make people wonder what is going on, on your wrist. Luckily for Hublot, in most instances at least the wearer can read the time.

Hublot Big Bang Unico Sapphire All Black
Hublot Big Bang Unico Sapphire All Black

The most famous all-black watch at Hublot is of course the Big Bang. Starting with the original models, and extending to the modern Hublot Big Bang 45 UNICO, the Big Bang  – as well as other important brand models such as the MP-05 La Ferrari and Classic Fusion have all enjoyed the all black treatment. On the La Ferrari model, which its ultra-complex movement and distinctive case is particularly visually beguiling in its all-black rendition.

The ultra all-black lover might find one Hublot’s newest models the most appealing. Recently Hublot release both a transparent and black version of the Big Bang 45 UNICO Sapphire. One version is clear sapphire, while the other is all black sapphire. It offers some of the deep glassy black people love from polished crystal, as well as the hardness of sapphire. My personal favorite might be durably impractical, and that would be an all-black Hublot Big Bang made out of onyx – which has a black so deep given its propensity to really absorb light. This year Hublot actually celebrates 10 years of all-black watches, and it feel like they won’t slow the trend anytime soon.


Here is one Hublot all black Big Bang watch you should check out!

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