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The Split-Second Chronograph: Niche At Any Price

One of the least common complications in the world of mechanical watches is the split-second or “rattrapante” chronograph. This historic complication adds a rarified flavor to the common chronograph, allowing the user to have an additional and simultaneous 60 seconds of elapsed time measurment in addition to the standard chronograph complication. Though seemingly simple, split-second … Continued

Patek Philippe 5370P

Jolly Germans

Yes, German quality is a cliché, but there is indeed something about the superior standards Germans have for everything they engineer. Affordable, unique and high quality – this is what you get with watches from Nomos, Sinn or Junghans. German timepieces are famous in the watch community, beyond the two high-end watchmakers A. Lange & … Continued

Junghans Max Bill Chrono

Watches With Tech Cred That Don’t Break The Bank

It’s a sign of the times when one-percenters start bragging not about their lavish spending habits, but about how little they’ve forked out for, say, a timepiece or their summer vacation. This newfound value-consciousness isn’t limited to ultra high net worth individuals, however; across the board, we’re noticing folks of all stripes treading cautiously with … Continued

Rolex Air King 116900

A Primer On Specialist German Watchmakers

Swiss watch brands do like to take the credit, perhaps understandably so, when it comes to the global acclaim of high quality luxury timepieces. Once one acquaints oneself with the finer intricacies of modern horology, he will find that the Swiss actually do face fierce competition from their German and Japanese counterparts. Today, we will … Continued

Sinn 903 St B E
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