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Opposites Attract – On The Appeal Of Magnetism Resistant Watches

One of the most important new chapters in modern watchmaking are some manufactures’ dedicated fights against magnetism and its detrimental effects on mechanical watch movements. Among others, Rolex, IWC and, most importantly, Omega, has been striving to make watches more resistant to this invisible threat. Let us now discover what these effects are and how … Continued

Omega Globemaster Co-axial Master Chronometer

Counting Time: Four Great – And Affordable – Chronographs

Use it to record your laps and to avoid parking over the time limit, or simply play with the mesmerising seconds hand. Chronographs, I have long argued, are one of the most useful complications out there – second probably to the calendar. And they are also sold at accessible price points, making them a great … Continued

IWC, Omega, TAG Heuer & Zenith

Pop Meets Posh – Luxury Pop Culture Timepieces

When most people think about mechanical watches they envision history, heritage, art, and nostalgia. What rarely comes to mind is modern culture and design influence. Therefore many watch collectors look upon traditional timepieces with modern inspirations as being a bit strange. Strange they may be but their existence is quite logical if you consider the … Continued

Rolex Deepsea Sea Dweller

Five Affordable Watches For The Young Professional

With the global economy being what it is these days – lacklustre – and consumers being more value-conscious, watchmakers have had to introduce more entry-level pieces (and prices). The intention is to encourage spending by eliminating the possibility of consumers having second thoughts. But this is also good news for budding watch collectors or young … Continued

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