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De Bethune Presents: DB28 Kind Of Blue Tourbillon Meteorite

Five thousand years ago, a small piece of the universe fell to earth in Santiago del Estero, Argentina. Made from an alloy of iron and nickel, this rare ferrous meteorite’s only adornments were pocks marking the passage of celestial time. But its long voyage didn’t end in the meteor graveyards of Argentina; One day it … Continued

De Bethune DB28 Kind of Blue Tourbillon Meteorite

Horological Hopes For 2017

Mechanical watchmaking is an industry driven by passion and ideas, which is why some optimism survives despite 2016 being an unfortunate year for the luxury watch business. A variety of factors, including diminished demand from Chinese consumers, conspired to pull the industry into a slowdown that started three years ago but only started to bite … Continued


The Longer The Better: 5 Watches With Exceptional Power Reserves

A little power goes a long way. One could say that a mechanical watch’s power reserve provided by a mainspring, or several, is akin to a car’s fuel tank, but it’s not that simple. Be it automatic or hand-wound, the average mechanical watch movement provides a power reserve of 42 hours, give or take, about … Continued

Hublot Sapphire LaFerrari

Blued Steel – Art And Science

Haute horlogerie is chock-full of little details that the untrained eye as well as the expert can appreciate. One such feature we tend to overlook, and dare I say, sometimes take for granted, is blued steel. I’ll say it outright: the primary reason to blue a steel component is first and foremost for aesthetics. Blued … Continued

Girard-Perregaux Neo Tourbillon with Three Bridges
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