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How Rubber Became A Luxury in Watchmaking

Over the years, an untold number of interesting materials have found their ways into high-end watches, from the understated titanium to the more exotic ceramic and carbon fibre. There is one material, however, that really stands out, most notably for its anti-luxury character: rubber. How on earth did this innocuous material, first patented back in … Continued

original Hublot 1980 advertising

Radical Repeaters – Key Developments In Minute Repeating Wristwatches

While chiming watches like minute repeaters have been around for hundreds of years, it has only been only as recently as the last decade that we saw watch brands gather enough courage and technical know-how to create more modern, 21st century iterations of the classic striking watch. Take the confidently named Supersonnerie by Audemars Piguet, … Continued

Patek Philippe 5016

The Best “Year Of The Rooster” Watches

On January 28, 2017 the Chinese New Year commences with the Year of the rooster. You’ll sure know that each year is dedicated to an animal of the Chinese zodiac and, if you’re really, really into watches, you’ll also be familiar with the habit of Swiss watch brands dedicating some obscure, but successful collections to … Continued

Chopard LUC XP Urushi Year of the Rooster

High-Octane Watches That Every Petrolhead Needs To Know

The gleam of the chassis. Its sleek, sensual lines that make you want to run your fingers across its metallic surface. The purr of the engine as you coax it out of its torpor. We could be describing cars, or we could just as well be waxing lyrical about watches – the chassis being the … Continued

Mille Miglia 2016 XL Race Edition
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