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The Rebirth Of The Retro Luxury Sports Watch

Today, almost every luxury watch brand has some form of a high-end sports watch in its collection, but not so long ago the very notion of a luxury sports watch was unfathomable. One could say that the luxury sports watch category was born out of necessity more than anything. It’s no coincidence that they first … Continued

Hublot Classic Fusion Racing Grey

Zenith’s History In Aviator’s Watches

Zenith’s Pilot Type 20 collection of aviator’s timepieces didn’t come out of the blue. In fact, the brand has a rich and long pedigree in this specialised field of watches, dating back the early 20th century, back to the birth of aviation itself. The Blériot Era and The Zenith Special The history of Zenith Pilot’s … Continued

Zenith A.Cairelli and Heritage Cronometro Tipo

Time’s Vagabond By F.P. Journe

The Vagabondage line of watches by F.P. Journe, as under-the-radar as they may be, are everything an experienced, blue-blooded watch collector-cognoscenti ever possibly want. Why? To start with, they were conceived and made by one of the greatest living watchmakers of our time; at the same time beautifully wearable and functional; and simple yet extremely … Continued

F.P. Journe Vagabondage III
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