Max is in Singapore: Here’s What We Learnt About the FlyingT

Max is in Singapore: Here’s What We Learnt About the FlyingT

News • 11 Apr 2019

Max is in Singapore: Here’s What We Learnt About the FlyingT

1] Inspired by the women in his life

Max started MB&F for himself. But after realising his life revolves around the women in his life; his mother, his wife and his daughter, he decided to go on a more personal quest and make a watch only for women.

2] …and by a musical jewellery box

The eldest of his two daughters, an aspiring ballerina, has a music box with a twirling ballerina inside. This was just one of the many inspirations behind Max Büssers newest creations.

3] A watch that embodies their personalities

Max stopped trying to make something women would like and instead make a watch that embodies all that he loves about his daughter, his wife and his late mother. Something that would capture both their lively personalities and their subdued-style. His kinetic sculpture had to have ‘energy’, it had to amaze people and it had to be elegant.

4] Starting from scratch

Normally when a men’s watch is launched, the watch industry downsizes it and, tadaa! you’ve got a ladies wristwatch. Max flipped the equation on its head and made a ladies watch from the ground up. His FlyingT has since inspired him to create a whole new range of kinetic sculptures for men.

5] Designing an engine for women

Max finds the wheels and the escapement of a watch to be the most elegant part, the most feminine. Whereas the bridges and the other unmovable components are more masculine. Which is why Max opted for a tower-like structure to power the FlyingT, in lieu of a more traditional movement held in place by brutish bridges. Even the cage of the tourbillon was finessed as much as possible to exemplify the feminine appeal its design.

6] Designed as a gift to the women in his life

Max wanted the watch to be a gift to the most important women in his life. The dial with the squiggly hands is located at the 7 o’clock position so that only the wearer can view the time. The FlyingT is thus based on the idea of a gift to the women in his life. The time is only for her.

7] Why’s there a sun on the back?

The automatic rotor at the back of the watch is in the shape of a sun. It’s symbolic of how Max orbits around the women in his life. They are the focus; the sun brings warmth to his life.

8] The ‘T’ in Flying T stands for?

The T in FlyingT stands for ‘Tiffany’, his wife’s name.

9] As for the diamonds

Diamonds are featured on all 3 variations of the FlyingT. Not because that’s all women look for in a watch, rather, he wants to keep the FlyingT exclusively for women. Max didn’t want this watch to be perceived as a unisex watch, so it was designed and conceived accordingly.

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