Luxury Swiss Watch Brand Hublot Celebrates 10 Years Of All Black in Bangkok

News • 13 Oct 2016

Luxury Swiss Watch Brand Hublot Celebrates 10 Years Of All Black in Bangkok

Hublot – the leading Swiss luxury watch manufacture together with PMT The Hour Glass – the brand’s sole distributor in Thailand and the Kingdom’s leading purveyor of specialist timepieces together inaugurate the “10 years All black” Exhibition showcasing Hublot’s innovative designs and latest horological technologies. The 10-Day exclusive exposition at the Hall of Fame, Siam Paragon Shopping Complex will showcase some of the brand’s most iconic timepieces and novelties through its unique and interactive displays. Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot was in Bangkok to host the event in honor of the brand’s exciting milestones and the 10th Anniversary of now iconic All Black Concept.

Mr. Ricardo Guadalupe commented “By its nature, black absorbs all visible radiation and does not reflect any light. In this original interpretation of our “All Black” concept, Hublot is once again playing with received ideas. The Big Bang Unico Sapphire All Black is both transparent and completely robed in black. What is more, it does not absorb light. In fact, it lets light pass through. It embodies the dichotomy of the visible and invisible, the seen and the unseen. It is a real pleasure to be in Bangkok today and present the unique history of Hublot.”

Ricardo Guadalupe hublot all black
Mr. Ricardo Guadalupe

Mr. Narun Thamavaranukup, Managing Director of PMT The Hour Glass, added that “The 10 years All Black festivity, is the result of our mutual love of watches and passion for innovation. We are proud to host this exclusive Hublot exhibition celebrating the 10th anniversary of the All Black Concept in Bangkok. PMT The Hour Glass constantly strives for new and original ideas to engage with clients; Hublot as the world’s leading brand truly excels at this, making it the perfect partnership to create engaging and innovative retail theatre with exclusive product with a real point of difference”.

Hublot’s iconic innovative and playful animated “Raptor” displays immersed the visitors and watch aficionados in a virtual journey around the brand’s watchmaking universe, examining its DNA and revealing the stories behind Hublot unique design, innovation and craftsmanship. Among the numerous interactive displays at the exhibition was the jaw-dropping “Showtime by Raptor Display Cases” where several showcases with screen work synchronically to entertain the audience. Another highlight of the evening was the appearance of Thai superstar actress and friend of the brand Hublot “Janie Thienphosuvan” who unveiled the 2016 Anniversary timepiece “Big Bang Unico Sapphire All Black” after the stunning and energetic “Chair Dance” performance of her crew from 911 the Revolution by JT.

Hublot exhibition in Bangkok
Hublot exhibition in Bangkok



Big Bang Unico Sapphire All Black – The essence of a revolutionary concept, when invisible visibility asserts its opposite

The Anniversary Piece to celebrate Hublot 10 Years All Black becomes completely transparent

In 2006, Hublot surprised the watch-making industry with its All Black collection, unveiling the ALL BLACK concept and the pioneering philosophy of “Visible Invisibility” was launched. A black watch with black hands that are almost invisible above its entire dial. All Black Limited Editions became among the top list for collectors and Hublot aficionados. The success of this series also seeming led the aesthetic and fashion trend of Hublot watches for ten years.

To mark the anniversary of All Black Concept, Hublot is disrupting the natural order. It uses transparency to foster a new connection between the visible and invisible. The exterior of the Big Bang watch is now invisible, so that the construction and movement of the timepiece are now fully observable. Transcending the materials used in its creation, the Big Bang Unico Sapphire All Black is crafted from blocks of sapphire crystal – sapphire that has been coated with metal. Enhanced by black, this sapphire maintains its transparent properties in a subtle balancing act. Through a fusion of materials, textures and finishes, Hublot has used the Big Bang Unico Sapphire All Black to reinterpret the iconic all black style.

The Big Bang Unico Sapphire All Black is limited to 500 pieces. It makes the first appearance to the public for the first time in Thailand and together with the latest and greatest Hublot All Black timepieces including the Big Bang Tourbillon Power Reserve 5 Days All Black (Limited 99 pieces) and the Big Bang Alarm Repeater All Black (Limited 100 pieces).

Hublot All Black

Raptor Showtime – The first retractable showcase without glass protection

A revolutionary display concept combining visibility, animation and mystery with security.

Like perpetual motion or fitting a square peg into a round hole, a show window without glass that is nevertheless secure was considered impossible. In 2005, Dietlin Artisans Métalliers in partnership with Hublot has developed a revolutionary display concept named “Raptor”. The idea was to make displays watches disappear into the showcase’s base when people are getting too close or try to touch the timepiece. Ten years later, it has been given a total makeover, from its design to its functions. It is now an intelligent display case capable of communicating with the public. It invites you to approach, asks you to step back and checks that you have done as you have been told. It can put itself on standby for the night and can program itself for a synchronized ballet with or without intrusion mode.

Complete 3D experience is enhanced by the brand’s innovative holographic display cases that play several animations showcasing Hublot’s exceptional craftsmanship and sense of humor and at the same time.

Hublot Raptor

Hublot’s 10 years All Black Exhibition will present the public a series of iconic masterpiece as well as All Black limited editions. Daily Showtime by Raptors accompanied with weekend fun and innovative activities at Hall of Fame, Siam Paragon, M Floor, Bangkok – 5th to 14th October 2016.

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