10 Hublot Ambassadors You Should Know

10 Hublot Ambassadors You Should Know

News • 18 Dec 2015

10 Hublot Ambassadors You Should Know

by Amr Sindi

Covering more sports, arts and pop culture than any luxury watchmaker, Hublot’s universe of likeminded spokespersons couldn’t be more diverse. But what these ambassadors all share in common is passion, dedication and unrelenting drive.

Here are ten unique personalities on Hublot’s roster:

Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt, nicknamed the “Lightning Bolt”, has time and time again proven that he is more than worthy of the title of “the fastest man of all time”. But off the track, Bolt’s cool attitude and generous nature make him a fitting ambassador for Hublot.

Hublot Ambassadors Usain Bolt Lightning Bolt track runner fastest man of all time
Usain Bolt, nicknamed the “Lightning Bolt”, is “the fastest man of all time”.

Kobe Bryant
The recently retired player is nothing short of a living legend. During his illustrious career spanning almost twenty years with the L.A. Lakers, the “Black Mamba” earned renown for his unique playing style involving striking accurately and swiftly in rapid succession.

Hublot Ambassadors Kobe Bryant Black Mamba
Kobe Bryant, the “Black Mamba” is renowned for his unique playing style.

Michael Clarke
Michael “Pup” Clarke is something of a national hero Down Under. Though now retired, the former Captain of the Australian Test team made his mark on the game of cricket during his impressive career. Clarke is also a known watch-lover, making for a very organic relationship with Hublot!

Hublot Ambassadors Michael Clarke cricket
Michael “Pup” Clarke is a watch-lover, making for a very organic relationship with Hublot.

Lang Lang
A true lover of the arts, the young Chinese concert pianist Lang Lang has already enjoyed a musical career most can only dream of. Beyond music, Lang Lang’s philanthropy extends to projects with UNICEF and the United Nations as a “Messenger of Peace”.

Hublot Ambassadors Lang Lang Chinese concert pianist
Chinese concert pianist, Lang Lang, is a true lover of the arts.

José Mourinho
One could say that “Special One” José Mourinho was born to be one of the greatest football managers alive. Son of footballer José Manuel Mourinho Félix, Mourinho never got to follow his father’s footsteps as a player, but instead joined the football greats by leading clubs like Benefica, FC Porto, Chelsea FC, Inter Milan and Real Madrid to new heights.

Hublot Ambassadors José Mourinho football manager
José Mourinho is one of the greatest football managers alive.

The only football player to have ever won three World Cups, Pelé is very much one of the greatest living athletes of our era. Pelé continues to inspire the youth through his various and philanthropic endeavors both in his native Brazil and around the globe.

Hublot Ambassadors Pelé football player world cup
Pelé is one of the greatest living athletes of our era.

Bar Refaeli
Supermodel by day, venture capitalist by night: there’s nothing the gorgeous Israeli-born Bar Refaeli can’t do. As the first female face for Hublot, Refaeli exudes the modern, edgy kind of sexiness that make up Hublot’s creative ladies watches.

Hublot Ambassadors Bar Refaeli Supermodel venture capitalist
Supermodel Bar Refaeli is the first female face for Hublot.

Justin Rose
It took Hublot time to enter the prestigious world of golf, but when it did, it chose none other than English champion Justin Rose. With multiple PGA and European Tour wins under his belt, Justin Rose is all about performance and precision.

Hublot Ambassadors Justin Rose golf
English golf champion, Justin Rose, has won multiple PGA Tours and European Tours.

Masahiro Tanaka
It didn’t take long for Japanese baseball pitcher Masahiro Tanaka to rise to world renown. A relatively recent but critical addition to the New York Yankees, Tanaka has already proven to be a force to be reckoned with on the pitch. And when he’s not breaking records, Tanaka gives back such by holding baseball classes for children along with other similar professional baseball players.

Hublot Ambassadors Masahiro Tanaka apanese baseball pitcher New York Yankees baseball player
Japanese baseball pitcher Masahiro Tanaka is a force to be reckoned with on the pitch.

Dwayne Wade
Dwayne Wade reigns supreme on the basketball court. With an Olympic Gold Medal and multiple NBA achievements including nine-time NBA All-Star, Wade’s inimitable style and panache – on and off the court – perfectly embodies the avant-garde spirit of Hublot.

Hublot Ambassadors Dwayne Wade Olympic Gold Medal Basketball player NBA
Dwayne Wade is a nine-time NBA All-Star winner.

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