5 Things That Make The World’s First Brass Edition Leica M-P “Brass Edition 35” Camera So Awesome

News • 12 Jul 2016

5 Things That Make The World’s First Brass Edition Leica M-P “Brass Edition 35” Camera So Awesome

It is one of the rarest cameras you will own. Only limited quantity of 35 of these gorgeous snappers will be made from this exclusive collaboration between Leica and The Hour Glass. The limited edition number is marked on the hotshoe and lens, with The Hour Glass’ logo on top. We imagine the world’s most renowned photographers will be itching to have one to add to their collection.

Leica M-P Brass Edition 35

 The exclusive Leica M-P “Brass Edition 35” is limited to only 35 sets in the world.


It is a camera with pedigree. The M-P “Brass Edition 35” hails from Leica’s illustrious line of “M System” cameras, which was introduced back in 1954. The very first model in the series was called the M3. Considered groundbreaking for its time, the M3 set the pace for 35mm cameras with several innovative features such as a bayonet lens mount (still used today) and a viewfinder with multiple, automatically changing framelines and parallax correction.

It is perfect for modern shutterbugs. Let’s geek out for a bit. The M-P “Brass Edition 35” is really the black-tie version of the M-P (Type 240) that was originally launched in 2014. The features are totally boss, including two gigabytes of buffer memory (almost twice as large as the previous model), 24 megapixel full-frame sensor, rangefinder with image field selector, and an outstanding three-inch scratch-resistant sapphire screen with live view. Oh, and it also shoots gorgeous 1080p videos if you want.

The aesthetic and finish are out of this world. As the name suggests, the entire camera – well, almost, from the body to the lens hood – is finished in brass with a clear lacquer finish for added protection. (The Leica Summicron-M 1:2/35mm ASPH lens comes with the camera.) The look is complemented by a luxurious leather exterior wrap in chestnut hued cow hide and ostrich-style emboss. Wanna complete that dapper chic look? Then look no further, this camera fits the bill perfectly as a great accessory to any outfit.

Its artisanship extends beyond the camera. It is only fitting that a camera this stunning is housed in an exquisite case that befits its construction. The Leica M-P “Brass Edition 35” comes in a special presentation box handcrafted in Germany’s Black Forest region, wrapped using gold-tinted paper called ‘Treasury’ (yes, even the paper has a name) – the same kind used for the envelopes that contain the names of winners at the Academy Awards. And…. the winner is? You, of course! Well, if you are quick enough to get in line for this beautiful brass baby, that is.

Leica M-P Brass Edition 35

The special presentation box is wrapped using gold-tinted paper called “Treasury”, which is also the same paper that is used for the envelopes of the Oscars Awards.


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