Glashütte Original

Glashütte Original

Glashütte Original

Founded: 1994 (Watchmaking since 1845)
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More than 170 years ago the first master watchmakers settled in Glashütte.
With passion, expertise and a wealth of ideas they set about to develop the art of Glashütte watchmaking.
In the course of many generations a culture of excellence and creativity was created
that lends a particular brilliance to the name Glashütte Original.
This standard still inspires us today and drives us to continue developing our own new products.

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With precision and passion.

Glashütte Original embodies modern German watchmaking art

that meets the highest standards of quality.

In our manufactory the watchmaker’s traditional craft skills

encounter state-of-the-art production technologi

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“Passion, the delicate touch of a practised hand and impressive in-house production depth come together to create exclusive timepieces of extreme precision and timeless elegance.”

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