Omega 1957 Trilogy Limited Edition

New Watch! • 23 May 2017

Omega 1957 Trilogy Limited Edition

by Ariel Adams

Omega has released a limited edition recreation of its three most popular sport watches to celebrate their joint 60th anniversary.

In 2017 Omega celebrates the 60th anniversary of three iconic wristwatches, all of which happened to debut in 1957. Omega chose to mark the occasion by producing a series of limited edition watches – one for each of the models – that are thorough recreations of the originals.

Vintage re-releases are nothing new in the world of high-end timepieces – though the approaches differ. So while Omega is by no means a newcomer to interpreting old watches in new ways, its tactic for the 1957 Trilogy is a bit unique, even for the clever minds at the brand.

The basic premise began as an exercise in reproducing the exterior and aesthetic of the original 1957 Speedmaster, Seamaster 300, and Railmaster as precisely as possible. To do this Omega employed the help of three-dimensional scanning technology to measure the originals exactly. So it’s no surprise each of the watches comes in a finely polished and period-appropriate steel case with a matching steel bracelet.

What is perhaps special about these three historical sport watches is that their original sizes are still wearable today, albeit as modestly sized timepieces compared to what is now popular for men. Anyone who is familiar with vintage watches will immediately understand the rarity of that as most vintage watches are small by today’s standards. While the three watches are each slightly different in diameters, which range between about 38 and 39mm, they are still large enough even for modern tastes. The dials and Super-Luminova paint on these watches were not designed to look new, but sport an aged “tropical” look which is meant to seem as though they have endured years of direct sunlight (tropical dials are so named because years of stronger sunlight exposure closer to the equator tended to accelerate the aging process of older dials). To match that the Super-Luminova mimics the look of aged radium, so instead of white it is an attractive beige tone that’s popular on vintage remakes.

Of course, the insides of the watch are modern – which is perhaps a good way of understanding the collection: vintage look, new construction. So, to refer to the watches as pure replicas of the 1957 originals will be incorrect. Rather, they are among the truest emulations of the originals’ looks that Omega has ever produced, while being thoroughly modern in their construction and appeal. An interesting design note worth mentioning is that Omega even paid attention to the tiniest details – on the vintage originals, the design of the Omega logo was not the same on various parts of the watch. Consequently, the Speedmaster has five different Omega logotypes, all slightly different in form.

One of the most appealing of the three models is the Omega Railmaster Co-Axial Master Chronometer. Coming in a 38mm case, this watch celebrates the cult-hit Railmaster in a way that collectors have been hoping for. The watch is highly anti-magnetic, with an in-house, METAS certified automatic movement that’s as high-tech as the aesthetic is retro. With enough elegance for formal attire, this is going to be a difficult model for Omega fans to pass up.

Omega 1957 Railmaster

Omega 1957 Railmaster


The largest of the 1957 Trilogy models is the Seamaster 300 Co-Axial Master Chronometer, a variant of today’s Seamaster 300. Like the Railmaster, it also has a METAS-certified anti-magnetic Co-Axial Chronometer movement inside. Larger size aside, it also has a rotating dive bezel that the Railmaster lacks, in keeping with its dive watch design.

Omega 1957 Seamaster

Omega 1957 Seamaster


The third and most keenly anticipated entry of the trilogy is the Speedmaster ’57 Chronograph, modeled after the Speedmaster that started it all. The design still looks amazingly sharp and relevant today, age notwithstanding, and comes in a 38.6mm case that’s true to the original. This is the most accurate recreation of the 1957 Speedmaster that Omega has produced. Like the other Speedmaster Professional timepieces within Omega’s stable, it contains the Calibre 1861 manually wound chronograph movement. Beautiful to look at and comfortable on the wrist, this is a great way to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Speedmaster and enjoy a model with the classic “Broad Arrow” hands at a fraction of the six-figure price that the vintage original now commands.

Omega 1957 Speedmaster

Omega 1957 Speedmaster


Each of the limited edition watches will be offered in two versions – either sold individually, or in a set of three packaged with a special presentation box and tools. The watches sold individually will be limited to 3557 pieces each, while the sets of three are limited to 557 sets in all, with each watch from the set bearing its corresponding limited edition number right on the dial of the watch at 12 o’clock.


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