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Four Of The Best Double-Faced Watches

How many faces does a watch have? Two, obviously. Almost every watch has two faces: one on the front that shows time (and sometimes more) and the other on the back, either a closed case back or revealing the movement. Some might say that’s a waste of valuable real estate. Here are four double-faced watches … Continued

Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime 5175

High-Octane Watches That Every Petrolhead Needs To Know

The gleam of the chassis. Its sleek, sensual lines that make you want to run your fingers across its metallic surface. The purr of the engine as you coax it out of its torpor. We could be describing cars, or we could just as well be waxing lyrical about watches – the chassis being the … Continued

Mille Miglia 2016 XL Race Edition

Time To Fall In – Military Watches

Many of the most important wristwatches of today – and of the last century, for that matter – would not exist in their present form, or at all, had it not been for special military requirements. Some of the finest dive watches and pilot’s watches on the market today were refined, redesigned and improved, thanks … Continued

IWC Big Pilot Watch SIHH 2016

Time Is In The Air – The Key Features Of A Pilot Watch

If there’s a category of watches that both creates a great enthusiasm on collectors and that also happens to be one of the most common types of timepieces to be used and abused as a tool, it is the pilot’s watch. However, a pilot’s watch is not a casual instrument, certain rules have to be … Continued

Pilot in cockpit

Five Affordable Watches For The Young Professional

With the global economy being what it is these days – lacklustre – and consumers being more value-conscious, watchmakers have had to introduce more entry-level pieces (and prices). The intention is to encourage spending by eliminating the possibility of consumers having second thoughts. But this is also good news for budding watch collectors or young … Continued

young professional wearing watch
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