#THGMalmaisonSalonSessions – Arissa Cheo Talks Time

Interviews • 21 Mar 2016

#THGMalmaisonSalonSessions – Arissa Cheo Talks Time

From classic to modern, bling and beyond, Singapore’s most reputable fashion influencer
Arissa Cheo reveals her eclectic taste in timepieces. 

Arissa Cheo wearing Patek Philippe Nautilus Arissa Cheo at Malmaison’s Napoleon Room, wearing the iconic Patek Philippe Nautilus 7018/1A-010 in stainless steel


Tell us about the very first timepiece you got.
My first timepiece was a Cartier Santos, a gift from my parents when I was 16. I still wear it now, though I’ve since changed the band to a white crocodile leather from its original black. It’s an absolute classic, in addition to still being in excellent condition.

Do you consider yourself a watch collector? Do you see more and more female collectors in the future?
Although I have a few nice timepieces, I wouldn’t consider myself a watch collector as such. I often forget to put on a watch, after all the accessories I pile on! But yes, I definitely do see more and more female watch collectors, and I’ve noticed that they are going for big, masculine designs like those from Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Richard Mille.


Arissa Cheo wearing Hublot Big Bang Pop ArtArissa Cheo in the Napoleon Room wearing a Hublot Big Bang Pop Art


Tell me a little about your experience at Malmaison at The Hour Glass and the watch you are wearing today.
We shot at Malmaison’s Napoleon Room, which is inspired by the Château de Malmaison, the famous 19th century home of Napoleon and Josephine Bonaparte. It is a beautiful room and Malmaison is short of amazing with so many specially curated stuff. I got to wear the iconic Patek Philippe Nautilus in stainless steel and the Hublot Big Bang Pop Art in pink! The Hublot Pop Art is pretty characteristic of me!

Were your family big watch collectors?
Yes, my dad loves to buy watches and he believes that everyone should have a quality time piece. My mother has received many from him over the years, and one day I hope to wear her limited edition Audemars Piguet. Despite being covered in diamonds, it doesn’t look ostentatious and is surprisingly easy to wear.

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