MB&F Balthazar – The Duality Of Man and Machine

New Watch! • 02 Sep 2016

MB&F Balthazar – The Duality Of Man and Machine

Remember ‘Melchior’, MB&F’s first robot-clock co-created with clock specialists L’Epée 1839?

Introducing Melchior’s big brother: BALTHAZAR !

The same family genes run strong in Balthazar: mastering the traditional techniques of mechanical clock making, L’Epée 1839 crafts sophisticated, impeccably-finished, high-precision clocks. You’ll recognise the typical traits of these robot brothers, starting with the jumping hours and sweeping minutes on their chests, driven by their mechanical brains beating under transparent domes. They can rely on ultra-long power reserves: Balthazar will run nonstop for 35 days. And just like his little brother, his eyes scan the surroundings continuously in a 20-second retrograde action.

MB&F Balthazar

Having said that, Balthazar is definitely the bigger brother. Weighing in at over 8 kilograms and standing 40 centimetres tall, his impressive body is composed of 618 micro-engineered components. He also adds an extra horological complication: a dual hemisphere moon phase indicator, accurate for 122 years.

MB&F Balthazar

But BEWARE… Like many of us, Balthazar has a dark side. Rotate his torso 180° around his hips, and his friendly face becomes a terrifying skull, with menacing teeth and deep-set, ruby-red eyes. To quote a famous villain: “If you only knew the power of the dark side…”Balthazar is available in limited editions of only 50 pieces per colour in black, silver, blue or green armour.

The Hour Glass is the exclusive retailer of MB&F.

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