4 Little Known Facts About The Rolex Yacht Master

New Watch! • 13 Apr 2016

4 Little Known Facts About The Rolex Yacht Master

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race
The Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race

Like the name implies, the Rolex Yacht Master was designed and created for the extreme elements of sea-faring. Part of Rolex’s professional oyster collection series of watches, the Yacht Master is distinct with its large hour markers and broad hands, allowing the watch to be extremely readable in the harshest of environmental conditions. The Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master’s appeal is attributed to its sleek and stylish yet functional exterior, encapsulating the art of blending form and function. The continuation of the Yacht Master collection is the testament of Rolex’s commitment and ambition towards the development of sailing, and is itself a symbol of the honorary ties between Rolex and the world of sailing. Here are 4 little known interesting facts about this unique Rolex series since it inception.

1. The Rolex Yacht Master was launched in 1992

Rolex Yacht-Master in 18k yellow gold
1992 Original Rolex Yacht-Master in 18K solid yellow gold

Rolex have always been known for their extensive depth of research and development before launching brand new models. The Rolex Yacht Master was almost 30 years in the making, being introduced after the Rolex Sea Dweller of ’67. The launch model was a beautiful full 18K solid yellow gold, coupled with its sporty and functional features similar to the Submariner, it was an instant hit and success. Rolex distinguished the Yacht Master from its other series of professional oysters by focusing not only on functionality, but also on its form and aesthetics. The Yacht Master today is a statement of luxury.

2. The Rolex Yacht Master is the only Oyster Professional Model offered in 3 sizes, 35mm, 37mm and 40mm

Rolex Yacht-Master 35mm steel and yellow gold
Rolex Yacht-Master 35mm steel and yellow gold with Mother of Pearl dial
Rolex Yacht-Master 37mm Everose gold Oysterflex bracelet
Rolex Yacht-Master 37mm Everose gold Oysterflex bracelet
Rolex Yacht-Master 40mm steel and yellow gold
Rolex Yacht-Master 40mm steel and yellow gold

Rolex introduced a 35mm mid-sized edition of the Yacht-Master with Reference 69628 in 1994. It was geared towards men with smaller wrists. The current line up features three different sizes, 35mm, 37mm and 40mm. Because of this attention to different sizes, the Yacht Master is particularly popular in Asia. The Yacht Master is available in different styles and combinations, the above shown are the popular mother of pearl dial in steel and yellow gold, followed by the recent addition of the oyster flex black dial everose gold model and the steel and rose gold model.

3. Rolesium, the combination of metals patented by Rolex, was created specifically for the Yacht Master

Model wearing Yacht-Master in Rolesium
A model posing in a sports attire and the platinum Yacht Master in Rolesium. Note how versatile the Platinum Yacht Master is for all occasions. (Credit: Getty Images)

Rolex introduced a special Platinum Yacht Master in 1999 at the Basel World Fair, it was a 40mm stainless steel platinum version of the Yacht Master. This platinum and steel mix used on the Yacht Master was new and unique to the model and Rolex, and Rolex would later patent this mix as Rolesium. Many Rolex watches of today feature this legendary combination made popular by the Rolex Yacht Master. The Yacht Master’s case and bracelet are in rugged 904L stainless steel, the bezel of the Rolesium versions is made of 950 platinum. The platinum’s unique silvery whiteness illuminates brightly and vibrantly evoking a sense of prestige and luxury.

Rolex Yacht-Master in Rolesium
The Rolex Yacht-Master 40mm in Rolesium

4. The first rubber strap ever made by Rolex was fitted on the Yacht Master

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date_ Yacht-Master_116655_Automatic_Red gold case_Rubber Bracelet_Men's watch/Unisex_Sapphire glass_Black dial_ No numerals
The 2015 Rolex Yacht Master Everose Gold with black dial and black ceramic bezel

In 2015, Rolex debuted its first rubber strap made in its company’s history. At the Basel World Fair, the Rolex Oysterflex bracelet was introduced to the world fitted on the new Rolex Yacht Master. This rubber strap is no ordinary strap, it was designed, developed and rigorously tested by Rolex.

Rolex Oysterflex

The strap is hypoallergenic and retains the properties of comfort from rubber yet as durable and shape retaining as the metal bracelets. The people at Rolex created a patented longitudinal cushion system on the Oysterflex, which stabilizes the watch on the wrist yet adapting to the curvature of the wearer’s wrist. The 2015 Rolex Yacht Master also features a black dial and a black ceramic bezel with a cerachrom insert.

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All images are credited to Rolex Official site.


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