Ressence Type 3BBB: The Monochrome Wonder

New Watch! • 10 Mar 2022

Ressence Type 3BBB: The Monochrome Wonder

The Ressence Type 3BBB is the ultimate monochrome execution of a revolutionary feat in watchmaking. The latest iteration of the award-winning Type 3 launched in 2013, its moniker means ‘Black, Black, Black” in reference to its drastically reduced colour palette. 



A Minimal Approach for Maximum Impact

Ressence’s crown-free design resembles a perfectly smooth, black pebble with edge-to-edge sapphire crystal found on both front and back of the watch and a polished black DLC-coated titanium case to match. For maximum impact, all colour has been removed from the Type 3BBB’s dial indicators, leaving only white and light grey to contrast with the black background. For a more minimalist approach, the running seconds indicator has been removed similar to the brand’s GPHG-winning original design. An oil-filled chamber between the sapphire crystal and the dial provides unmatched legibility with elements seemingly “floating” on the sapphire pebble itself. Overall, the Type 3BBB lives up to the vision of a futuristic smart watch, perhaps even more so than actual smart watches.

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Two Chambers for A Unique Movement

The patented Ressence’s Orbital Convex System (ROCS) unit, developed in-house by Ressence, is fundamental to the Type 3’s creation and presents a monumental challenge in engineering that sees continual refinement in successive releases. Composed of 215 parts, the gears in the ROCS calculate the hours, day and date, taking only the minute as a reference from the automatic movement. Immersing the display in oil requires an ingeniously designed a two-chamber system inside the Type 3 to keep the mechanical movement and oil separate.

This brings its own issues: with the two-chamber system, there is no direct mechanical link between the watch’s movement and the ROCS. To accommodate this, the Type 3 uses a magnetic transmission to tie the modules together. As any watch enthusiast is aware, magnetism and watch movements don’t typically get along. To stop these harmful effects, magnetic conductors are positioned carefully around the magnets acting as a faraday cage.

These successive feats of engineering and problem solving ensure that the Ressence Type 3BBB and its brethren remain true to Benoît Mintiens’ vision of a watch that is beguilingly simple to wear yet far removed from traditional watchmaking.

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Experience the limited production Ressence Type 3BBB at L’Atelier by The Hour Glass.

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