Interview: Into the Minds of Jean-Claude and Pierre Biver

Interviews • 31 Jul 2023

Interview: Into the Minds of Jean-Claude and Pierre Biver

With almost 50 years in the watch industry, the legendary and resolute Jean-Claude Biver sets out on his next venture with his son Pierre Biver, who is set to realize the potential of the brand. During their visit to Singapore, we sat down with the father-son duo for a casual chat to learn more about the conception and philosophy behind their namesake watches, Biver Watches.

News of Jean-Claude and Pierre Biver launching the first collection of Biver Watches was met with great excitement earlier this year by collectors and enthusiasts. This new endeavour marks a fresh chapter for the industry veteran, and this time, it takes on a much more personal meaning.

“For the first time I see my name, I see the decoration in the shop… and I say, ‘Wow, incredible!’ So the surprise and the emotion is extremely big,” remarked Jean-Claude Biver.

The first Biver watch, the Carillon Tourbillon, is full of details. Pierre Biver points out the ergonomics of the case and bracelet took 5 months of work, refining the details until it sat on the wrist comfortably. “The best feeling is when you put it on, and all the elements – what you see and what you don’t see – come together to create a unique feeling.”

And it is quite a remarkable watch. Visually, it is a stunning display of modern micro-mechanics fitted with an unusual sodalite dial, which is mounted on a gold plate. Even the smallest, least visible parts have been decorated.

“A screw, which nobody will see, why would you spend 47 minutes to decorate the head of the screw? But neither the soul [of the watch], nor the finishing of the screws, you can see! But you can only feel the vibrations. And that is what we are doing,” explains Jean-Claude with great emotion. Then, and only then, does the watch get the JC Biver seal of approval.

Watch the full interview with Jean-Claude and Pierre Biver here.

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