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The CITIZEN brand was created in 1995. Comprising all the most up-to-date watch technologies, it has long embodied the company’s “loved by citizens, working for citizens” philosophy. With its ideals of precision, quality, design appealing to a wide audience, and long-term user-friendliness, the brand is one of the main drivers behind CITIZEN’s pursuit of the “essence of the watch.”


With achievements like the development of ultra-precise Eco-Drive watches that tell the time with annual accuracy of ± 1 second and the development of mechanical watch movements that combine aesthetics with long-term precision, The CITIZEN is a brand whose commitment to the challenge of crafting the next ideal for users never ends.

Since ancient times,
eagles and humans have lived and worked together.
Raised by a single master, eagles are loyal.
And with their superior vision and clarity,
they are always chasing their next prey
into the far beyond.

The CITIZEN is like an eagle.

It never stands still.
It challenges the unknown
in pursuit of the next ideal in timekeeping.

Designed as far more than a timepiece,
The CITIZEN aspires to be an integral part of your life.

The eagle mark on every timepiece symbolises
this quest for true partnership.

Crafting the next ideal

The eagle mark: a symbol of a twin commitment.

The symbol of The CITIZEN is an eagle with its wings spread wide. With their extraordinarily powerful eyesight, eagles can spot their prey from as far as 1,000 metres away. The eagle is thus a symbol of foresight and action based on a clear vision of the future. Since ancient times, the eagle has also worked in close partnership with humans.

It was these attributes that led us to adopt the eagle as the emblem of The CITIZEN’s twin commitments of “always looking ahead and pursuing the ideal” and “becoming an integral part of users’ lives.” The eagle mark is discreetly stamped on the dial, the crown and other parts of the watch.

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The CITIZEN brand aims to become an integral part of users’ lives by tirelessly pursuing the next ideal in timekeeping accuracy, quality, design, and reliability.

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