3 Reasons Why The Rolex Milgauss Is Magneto’s Arch Nemesis

Collector’s Guides • 16 Nov 2015

3 Reasons Why The Rolex Milgauss Is Magneto’s Arch Nemesis

The Rolex Milgauss was introduced in 1956 to meet the demands of the scientific and engineering community. This watch was unprecedented and one of a kind, with a unique feature that no other watch could match, its anti-magnetic ability. The ordinary mechanical watch could only withstand 50 to 100 gauss of magnetic fields before its reliability and precision is affected. As such scientists who work in areas with high levels of magnetic fields required something stronger and the Milgauss was born. The Rolex Milgauss is a symbol of Rolex’s ingenuity and pursuit of innovative excellence. Here are 3 reasons why the Milgauss is Magneto’s Arch Nemesis.

1. The Milgauss is capable of withstanding 1,000 gauss of Magnetic Fields

Rolex Milgauss_Magnetic field
The hidden “B” in the magnetic shield of the Rolex Milgauss which only Rolex certified watch makers can see. (Credits: Davidmrobinson)

The Milgauss features an efficient shielding system that’s the heart of its resistance against magnetic fields. This shield is made of unique ferromagnetic alloys that envelopes and shields the movement. There is also a hidden capital letter “B” symbolizing magnetic flux density engraved in this magnetic shield which only Rolex certified watch makers can see. In the new Rolex Milgauss, several key components have been given an upgrade with more innovative paramagnetic materials.

The new Rolex Milgauss has more innovative paramagnetic materials like the blue Parachon spring which is insensitive to magnetic fields. (Credits: Keepthetime)

One such innovative component is the blue Parachrom spring. It is crafted from highly stable paramagnetic alloys like niobium and zirconium. It is not only insensitive to magnetic fields but also shock resistant, up to 10 times more than the other springs.

2. The Milgauss survived The Largest Laboratory in the World

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is where sub atomic particles are smashed using high-powered electromagnetic waves. (Credits: Klgadgetguy)

CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research) is the world’s largest particle physics laboratory and is also the home of the most powerful particle accelerator ever built, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The Large Hadron Collider is where sub atomic particles are smashed using high-powered electromagnetic waves. CERN was one of the first places where the Milgauss was tested and confirmed to be able to resist magnetic fields of up to 1,000 gausss.

3. The Lightning Bolt

Rolex Oyster Perpetual_Milgauss_116400GV_Automatic_Steel case_Blue dial_Lighting bolt seconds hands_Withstand magnetic forces_Jade Green sapphire crystal
The Rolex Milgauss with the unique lightning bolt seconds hand. (Credits: Watchcollectinglifestyle)

The Milgauss is no ordinary mechanical watch. One could reference it to be a superhero with a unique ability of withstanding magnetic forces. As such, from the beginning of its creation the people at Rolex emphasized and highlighted this ability with a distinctive design. The new Milgauss is instantly recognizable with its unique z-blue dial and jade green sapphire crystal. The Milgauss remained faithful to its original vision, paying homage to the scientific heritage accumulated over these years. The original iconic lightning bolt seconds’ hand is still the feature of the watch, albeit in bright orange in this new design; perhaps in symbolic reference to the role electricity plays in creating super powerful electromagnets. The Milgauss is also available in Black or White dials.

With such a powerful and bold looking anti-magnetic watch, this is sure to shield the evil magnetic forces of Magneto and continue to keep accurate time of course!

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