Best of Web • 27 Aug 2018

The Allure of 18th Century Watchmaking

Like Audrey, 18th century watchmaking is also something we’re quite fond of, at The Hour Glass. If you’ve been to our premier thematic salon – Malmaison – you’ll be familiar with it’s 19th century inspiration (Chateau de Malmaison) and 18th century antique swords prominently mounted amidst other curiosities. Chateau de Malmaison, the principal abode of French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and Empress Josephine de Beauharnais who were the first purveyors of watches and exquisite luxury in the early 19th century, formed the reference points for Malmaison. The ornate beauty of old world luxury is evinced in the lush tapestry of materials and details.

“With Malmaison, we wanted to avoid the typical model of luxury ‘brandalisation’ where every brand’s flagship boutiques are based on an identical experience. We want to decry this notion of homogeniality. Malmaison deliberately introduces a bold retail concept where we combine a differentiated merchandising philosophy in an inspired setting to disrupt the traditional norms defining luxury,” says Mr Michael Tay, Executive Director of The Hour Glass Limited.

Audrey Humbert, takes a fascinating journey down 18th century watchmaking. Click here to read more.


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